Twitter Adds Reverse Chronological Timeline For Developers

Twitter looking out for 3rd party developers

Twitter Adds Reverse Chronological Timeline For Developers
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Twitter adds a reverse-chronological home timeline making it easier for third-party developers. Twitter is going through a bitter situation currently as the takeover by Elon Musk is taking longer than expected.

Twitter is thinking about third-party app developers right now. Since Twitter is giving third-party app developers more access to its reverse-chronological timeline. It’ll enable them to retrieve the most recent Tweets and Retweets posted by the authenticated user. Including the accounts, they follow.

Twitter’s reverse-chronological timeline makes it easier for developers:

Twitter Adds Reverse Chronological Timeline For Developers
image credit: Unsplash

The reverse-chronological home timeline is now available on the Twitter application programming interface (API) v2, according to a Twitter post. “This functionality is important to numerous developer use-cases and we will continue to prioritize innovation and functionality that allows you to build with the core elements of the Twitter experience,” the company said.

Firstly, they described the Twitter API V2 saying it’s an interface that developers use to get data from the platform. However, All developers building with the Twitter API v2 can begin using the new endpoints right away, said Twitter.

“The increased rate and pagination Tweet limits of v2 are going to be a noticeable benefit for our users. Given how crucial this call is, it really underscores Twitter’s continuing commitment to modernizing their API,” said Paul Haddad, one of Tweetbot’s developers.

Secondly, according to a report from Adweek, Other recently implemented additions to Twitter API v2 that unlock new use cases for developers are:

  • New Bookmarks endpoints that let developers build tools enabling people to manage, and search Bookmarks outside of the Twitter app.
  • A new Quote Tweets lookup endpoint to help developers and researchers find quote tweets. Since it helps in better understanding the context of a conversation. Share your thoughts down below.
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