#TwitchDoBetter Is Trending On Twitter For All The Wrong Reasons

A pattern of follow-boating is emerging for Twitch streamers.

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Twitch streamers are trending the #TwitchDoBetter following what looks like a pattern of follow-botting. At the time of writing this story, there were over 3,400 tweets about the issue. Streamers are also calling out Twitch to make the platform safer for gamers, and block at least the commonly-known racial slurs.

Users are posting with the #TwitchDoBetter, pointing out that marginalized communities are being harassed on the platform. Other than the concern for marginalized communities, users are also voicing concerns of homophobia on Twitch.

Follow Botting And Hate Raids On Twitch

Follow botting happens when an account is followed by a number of fake accounts or bots, pretending to be real accounts. This is harmful to creators on the platforms as it can lead to a dip in their followers all of a sudden.

Accounts that get raided by follow botting keep growing in followers which are a mix of real users and computers scripts. When the raid happens, all the computer scrip followers or the follow bots unfollow the streamer together. This leads to a sudden dip in followers and loss of badges too. It can be demoralizing for streamers to be caught in such raids.

Users are also complaining about hate raids on the platform, raising concerns about the safety of the streamers. At the time of writing this story, we also came across multiple tweets under the #TwitchDoBetter. We decided not to post the screenshots here due to their insensitivity towards a community.

Twitch users are also asking the platform to at least block the common terms that are known to be used as racial slurs or for undermining a community. All in all, streamers are asking for more control and fewer bots and hate raids on the platform. For now, if your account is also hit by hate raids or follow botting, you can check out the Twitch Help page.

Manik Berry

Manik Berry

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