Twitter’s Deleted Tweets Will Now Appear As Empty Blocks

Start taking screenshots, folks.


The edit button is not the only shenanigan that Twitter has been working on lately. The platform has changed how the deleted embedded tweets show up on third-party websites and they now appear as empty holes in the internet.

What used to be an HTML text version of a tweet now shows up as an empty box with grey lines and a button that says “explore what’s happening on Twitter.” The tweet embed change will force us to screenshot everything if we want to keep proof of something.

Tweet embed changes

In a tweet, Kevin marks asked Twitter Engineer, “hi @TwitterEng – you broke the fallback case in the tweet embedding js for deleted tweets. Previously they would not be decorated and show the HTML version. Now they’re turned into empty white boxes. Do you want us to go back to screenshots?”

Eleanor Harding, Twitter Senior Product Manager, replied, “Hey Kevin! We’re doing this to better respect when people have chosen to delete their Tweets. Very soon it’ll have better messaging that explains why the content is no longer available :) my DMs are open if you’d like to chat more about this.”

The move comes after a week of wild Twitter news. After joking on April Fools’ Day that it was working on a long-awaited edit button. Twitter confirmed on Tuesday that it was indeed working on one.

And Elon Musk was elected to Twitter’s board of directors this week, following his purchase of more than 9% of the company – a move that might indicate major changes to the platform’s operations in the future.

Twitter will test the button on Twitter blue. The company will decide later “what works, what doesn’t, and what’s possible”. Head over to our coverage about the Twitter edit button to learn more about it. And also, leave your thoughts about the tweet embed changes in the comment section below.

Ronil Thakkar

Ronil Thakkar

A computer engineer by education and a technical writer by profession, Ronil is a tech freak like no other. He likes to play or watch highlights of chess in his free time. On a fine day, you may also find him sketching anime.
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