Turn Anything Into A Phone Using RePhone – World’s 1st Open Source Modular Phone


rephone-modular-phone-Short Bytes: Do you want to create a phone for yourself and discover a new way to communicate with things? We are here to help you by telling you about RePhone kit – World’s First Open Source and Modular Phone. 

Recently, we saw the advent of RePhone kit that reminds me instantly of Google’s much-awaited Project Ara modular phone. RePhone is developed by Seeed Studio and it has launched a KickStarted campaign to get the funding for this project.

RePhone helps you to create your phone in few minutes with its slim modules, customizable phone enclosures and accessible software. With the help of open source components like RePhone Core GSM + BLE module or RePhone Core 3G model, you can add cell connection to your phone.

Apart from these core modules, there are 8 more modules – a 5×7 LED board, a NFC board, a GPS board, a 1.54-inch touch screen, an audio board, an Arduino-compatible microcontroller, a GSM breakout board and a basic sensor board. rephone-modular-phone-1

You can hook up these modules together with a varied choice of connectors ranging from soldered wires and FPC ribbon cable to conductive thread. You can even just breadboard them.


RePhone comes with a rich library for hooking into Arduino IDE, Lua and JavaScrip, along with detailed examples to teach everyone develop things easily. They also provide a complete SDK based on Eclipse IDE for C/C++ developers to work with complex applications. 

If you are not into programming, no problem. There is an easy drag and drop feature for files. Just download them online and put them in your RePhone.

With the RePhone modular smartphone kit, you get its cool Kraft paper foldable case that has DIYing written all over it in bold letters. You can make your RePhone, call your friends, listen to music and by connecting it to IFTT, you can setup logic to convert it as an IoT device.

The KickStarter campaign of RePhone was launched this week and we hope to see RePhone as a great DIYing tool in near future.

Did you like the RePhone modular phone? Tell us in the comments below.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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