Trump Trolled For Calling Moon ‘A Part Of Mars’


Donald Trump and trolls have had a connection in the past and this bond continues as the US President is all over the internet being trolled for what looks like a lack of science tuition back when he was a kid.

Trump, via a tweet, suggested that NASA should not focus on going to the Moon as the endeavor was fulfilled 50 years back and should instead put its focus on Mars.

While it sounds ambitious, the reference to Moon being a part of Mars hints at Trump’s confusion and the beginning of the trolling trend on social media.

Here’s a look at some of the tweets that did not leave a chance to mock the US President:

Even though we might think that Trump has zero knowledge of the solar system, the tweet talks about NASA’s plans to develop a base on the Moon with all the resources, and eventually head to Mars and further to the rest of the solar system.

It is suggested that going to the Moon is just the initial step of the long space voyage that involves exploring other parts of space. All this will be part of NASA’s 2024 moon expedition, which was talked about on Fox Business and that could be what Trump meant.

To me, it appears the game of Chinese whisperer wherein Trump heard of NASA’s plans and made a confusing tweet about it.

We hope Trump makes some clarification regarding his tweet so that all the trolls can be put to rest. Just for reference, there are two moons revolving around Mars.

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Vanshika Malhotra

Vanshika Malhotra

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