How Truecaller Sends Caller ID Alerts Even Before The Call Connects

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Truecaller, one of India’s most-used Caller ID app gives a notification for a call before even the phone rings. As per Truecaller, it is because of the call alerts feature provided by the company.

As per Quint’s report, the call alerts feature was introduced by Truecaller back in November 2019. Due to the lack of performance of the telecom service providers in the country and the use of data or Wi-Fi by Truecaller, the app provides a notification before even the smartphone rings.

Call Alerts Feature

Telecom service providers in India like Jio and Airtel have already introduced Wi-Fi calling to avoid network issues and other network providers are expected to follow the suit. Right now, Truecaller is doing the same by alerting users of incoming calls even before the phone starts ringing.

Having caller ID information even before the smartphone starts ringing was something that was beyond imagination for the masses. However, Truecaller made it a reality.

How Does It Work?

Truecaller officials have stated that with the help of the ‘call alert feature’, users can quickly turn the phone silent, pick it up if the incoming call is important and ignore it at the same time before even the phone starts ringing.

To work on an Android smartphone, this feature will ask for notification permission and it can be disabled as well from the phone’s setting.

Is It Really Safe?

The call alert feature has been witnessed working smoothly on Android phones for a few weeks now. It cannot be termed completely secure due to the nature of its working but the feature is turning out to be a very helpful one for the users.

As per the previous allegations, Truecaller has been termed as a “not so safe” app due to its involvement in suspicious activities. In 2019, a report suggested that the data of Trucaller was being sold on the dark web. A recent bug identified in the app created UPI accounts of the users without even their consent.

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