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Trello is a collaboration tool which organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on , who’s working on what, and where something is in a process.

The other day I was searching for a website that allows you to manage your work and keep it updated with your team . I found tonnes of services that offer you the same , but charge you some heavy bucks .  Somehow I came across Trello, Free Project Management Application and it was something different . It is free , simple and very easy to use.

Trello is developed by Fog Creek Software which is a software company specializing in project management tools.

One of the thing I liked about it is that it is available on all the mobile platforms iOS , Android and Kindle Fire HD. So you can stay updated and handle things with just a touch of your hands .

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The interface is sleek and simple , you will get started with a board.  A Trello board is some product or project that is under continuous development, though a board can have a variety of uses and mean different things. Boards are made up of multiple lists (corresponding to task lists) . Lists contain cards (corresponding to tasks) . The cards move on from one list to another until the work is done .

Cards represent the basic unit of a board, for instance: a new feature, a story lead, a legal case, a client, research for a paper, a potential employee, or a customer support issue. Cards can move from list to list to indicate progression. Board members can add themselves to cards, start conversations on cards, create checklists on cards, and so on.

Some important links which will make you familiar with it:

  • To take a tour click here.
  • To get started with it click here.
  • To download its android app click here.
  • To download its iOS app click here.
  • For a video tour click here.

Sagar Karira

Sagar Karira

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