Toyota CHR Compact Electric SUV To First Launch In China


The Toyota CHR compact electric SUV is one of the most highly anticipated EVs. Partly because Toyota is a pioneer in making sustainable vehicles like the Prius. And secondly, because the car is one of the few crossover SUVs that are in high demand these days.

The Toyota CHR compact SUV is based on the CHR hybrid SUV which is currently on sale in European markets. There are no solid details on the size or the battery specs in the CHR compact electric SUV, but the hybrid CHR SUV is powered by a 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder engine that delivers around 27 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway.

The electric version of the CHR SUV will look a lot like its hybrid counterpart beside some visual changes. The car is currently being developed for a 2021 launch.

Let’s dive deep and see what this Toyota CHR EV is all about.

Toyota CHR Compact Electric SUV

Toyota CHR electric SUV Price
Image: Toyota CHR Hybrid SUV

In terms of the overall design, the Toyota CHR Electric SUV looks almost similar to its ICE counterpart. The front grill of the EV has been closed off due to the absence of an engine. Inside the hood, there is an electric motor that sits on the front axle and offers Front-Wheel-Drive capabilities.

The battery pack of the Toyota CHR electric SUV sits beneath the floor and adds weight while increasing the center of gravity of the EV. Toyota aims to design this car as aerodynamically efficient as possible. Hence, the company will reduce the wheel size and probably opt for a closed-off design for the rims.

Such a design decreases air resistance and improves battery efficiency. Some reports suggest that the Toyota CHR electric SUV will come with an option to choose between two electric motor configurations along with several different battery capacities.

Inside the cabin, the Toyota CHR will likely get a fully-digital instrument console and a new gear selector.

In terms of range, sources suggest that Toyota CHR electric SUV will travel 200 miles or 321 km before completely stopping. However, considering the 2021 launch of Toyota CHR EV and the rate at which battery technology progresses, the range of this electric SUV will be much more than 200 miles.

Toyota has stated that the CHR electric SUV will first launch in China. According to the Express, Toyota plans to introduce 10 new models in China within the next 5 years. The CHR electric SUV along with IZOA will likely be among them.

But these vehicles would also see a global launch very soon as Toyota plans to sell 5.5 million electric vehicles worldwide by 2030.

In China, the CHR will be sold under GAC Toyota while the IZOA, another electric SUV, will be sold by FAW Toyota.

Can an Electric SUV Repeat The Success of A Hybrid?

The Toyota CHR Hybrid SUV sold around 480,800 units in 2018 in Europe. According to Toyota, the CHR hybrid SUV “epitomizes our customers’ shift to electrification.”

This means that Toyota buyers are ready and are eagerly waiting for the launch of an electric vehicle. The strategy of slowly taking customers towards complete electrification is something I am really a fan of.

Volvo, which recently introduced its XC 40 electric SUV, also plans to release a plug-in hybrid vehicle for every one of its models by 2025, is also following this strategy. According to Volvo, changing consumer behavior takes time and once they get into the habit of driving in electric-mode they will be ready to adopt fully battery-powered vehicles.

What do you think? Can Toyota repeat the success of its hybrid model? Do share your thoughts with us.

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