Torrentz2 Proxy Lists For 2022 & 2023: 4 Best Proxy Sites To Unblock Torrentz2

Unblock Torrentz2 with these proxy sites!


Torrentz2 is a gem that has remained hidden from the eyes of several torrent users. Although the site is not as popular as some of the best torrent sites, it offers the same features you will find on The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrent, Extratorrent, and other top torrent sites.

However, due to restrictions from the governments and ISPs, like other torrenting websites, Torrentz2 is also inaccessible in many countries. This is where Torrentz2 proxy sites come to the rescue. In such regions, you can access the torrent site using proxies.

What is Torrentz2?

Torrentz2 is a torrenting website that was established back in 2003, around the same time as the other best torrent sites came up. Soon, it became hugely popular amongst torrent enthusiasts as a go-to destination for downloading torrent files. Over the years, Torrentz2 faced severe regulations from law enforcement agencies, ultimately leading to its closure in 2016, but not all hope was lost.

In the same year, a clone of Torrentz2 developed by fans emerged. Since then, it has become the go-to destination of many for torrenting. The clone is up and running, but ISPs have banned it in some regions. Therefore, to access Torrentz2, a Torrentz2 proxy is your best bet.

How Does A Torrent2 Proxy Work?

Proxy sites are an intermediate between your computer/device and the website you are trying to reach. When you connect to a proxy site, in this case, a Torrent 2 proxy, your internet traffic is routed through an additional server before reaching the destination website.

This ensures anonymity on the Internet and helps obscure your original IP address. This way, the destination website never knows your original IP address.

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Torrentz2 Proxy Sites 2023 [Verified & 100% Working]

Cannot Unblock Torrentz2? Use These Alternatives

If none of the aforementioned proxies worked for you, here are some of the Torrentz2 alternatives that you can try instead. These are some of the best torrent sites you can visit to download files via P2P file-sharing technology.

1. The Pirate Bay – Best Torrentz2 Alternative

Pirate bay Yify alternative

The Pirate Bay, or TPB, is a popular torrent site that can serve as the best Torrentz2 alternative when you cannot access it. TPB has been around for a long time, and you can find almost any torrent file on this site. The interface of Torrentz2 and The Pirate Bay is quite similar, so you won’t notice much difference.

Kickass torrent proxy list

Another Torrentz2 alternative that you can use is Kickass Torrents or KAT. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular torrent sites with a huge fan base. You can find torrents from different genres, such as movies, games, TV shows, and songs. If you aren’t able to access Torrentz2 and even the Torrentz2 proxies aren’t working, this should be your go-to torrent site.

3. 1337x – Best Torrentz2 Replacement For Movie Lovers

KickAss Torrents Alternatives 3 1337x

1337x is quite a popular name amongst movie buffs. The torrent site hosts the latest movie trailers and more for its fans. There are chances that you might find 1337x better than Torrentz2 in terms of functionality, as it is not riddled with intrusive advertisements.

4. EZTV – A Perfect Torrentz2 Replacement

EZTV Proxy

EZTV torrent is one of the lesser-known torrent sites that can help you when you’re not able to access Torrentz2 due to any reason. The EZTV torrent site has dedicated sections for different genres of torrents. Moreover, EZTV is more than just a torrent site, it is a community of torrent lovers. You can meet like-minded people on this site.

5. Limetorrents


LimeTorrents is a pretty neat Torrenting website that has a wide range of content. One of the best things about it is how easy it is to navigate and the search function, using which you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you’re searching for. The torrents have a list of built-in trackers; hence, you wouldn’t need to search for them separately to increase the speed of your torrent downloads.

Torrentz2 Proxy FAQs

1. What is Torrentz2 proxy?

Torrentz2 proxy sites allow you to access the torrent site even when your ISP in your region blocks it. Using Torrentz2 proxy sites, you can bypass the censorship your ISP or authorities apply.

2. How do I access Torrentz2?

If you cannot access Torrentz2 via the original website, you can use alternatives and Torrentz2 mirror sites. Otherwise, the easiest way to access Torrentz2 is to use the proxy sites mentioned above.

3. What are some of the popular Torrentz2 alternatives?

The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrent, 1337x, YIFY, etc., are some of the most popular Torrentz2 alternatives. A few of these sites are much better than Torrentz2.

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