TOR’s Ooniprobe App Tests Your Internet Speed And Censorship Level

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ooniprobe tor internet test app

Short Bytes: Tor Project has released its new internet speed and censorship level test app. Known as Ooniprobe, this free and open source app performs three different tests, including a test for finding out blocked websites on your network. You can download the app for your Android and iOS devices. 

Tor Project is best known for its Tor Browser and Tor Bundle. Apart from them, the project is also deeply involved in creating and supporting other applications for ensuring a surveillance-free internet experience. Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) is one such Tor Project.

Now, Tor Project has released a new app, Ooniprobe, that can be installed on Android and iOS smartphones. Ooniprobe app has been designed to run various tests for checking your internet speed and censorship levels. Before you can actually use the app to run different tests, you need to read some informational pages and pass a quick test.

Tor’s Ooniprobe App performs 3 different tests

By running these tests on Tor’s Ooniprobe app, you can find out:

  • If your ISP/government is blocking websites
  • Presence of systems that are censoring or surveilling
  • Speed/performance of your network

ooniprobe tor internet test app

But, how does Ooniprobe internet speed test app performs these functions? Let me explain the three above mentioned tests one by one.

Ooniprobe’s Web Connectivity Test checks whether websites are blocked using DNS tampering, TCP/IP blocking, or by using a transparent HTTP proxy. By knowing the type of interference, you can take appropriate measures,

Its HTTP Invalid Request Line test looks for the systems within the network that are used for censorship, traffic manipulation, and surveillance.

Ooniprobe’s Internet Speed and performance test measures the internet speed by connecting it to nearby M-Lab servers. During the process, the test collects low-level TCP/IP information that can be used to calculate the speed and performance of the network.

After the tests, you are shown test results. Red color shows connection issues. You can tap on the given options to see detailed results.ooniprobe tor test app

Ooniprobe is free and open source

All OONI tests are based on free and open source software. You can find the source code of the same on GitHub. To do so, follow this link.

Ooniprobe app for internet speed and censorship level test is available for Android and iOS devices.

Did you find Ooniprobe internet testing app helpful? Don’t forget to drop your views and comments.

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