TOR Could Be Shutting Down For A Day On September 1 — Here’s Why


tor-browser-shutdownShort Bytes: A group of people who manage the Tor network has called for a 24-hour Tor blackout day on September 1. This is being done to protest against the biased investigations in the case of Jake Appelbaum and to remove Tor Project members having connections with government and security agencies.

It looks like the Tor Project is losing its integrity. Last month, a major node was shut down by a core Tor developer. Now, there is a new wave of people, who manage the network, wanting to shut down the network for a day. They have decided a 24-hour time span for the Tor shutdown on September 1, 2016.

Tor shutdown? What is the reason?

The #torstrike statement has put up a 16-point demand list. The demands focus on two main concerns — the Jake Appelbaum case and the Tor workers having connections with the government and similar organizations–either currently or in the past.

“Tor can no longer be trusted after #jakegate / #torgate and hire of CIA. Its sinking credibility is putting people at risk. We hope it can be healed and regain trust with mass action.”
— #torstrike reads.

A short blackout may hurt in the short term, but save Tor in the long term. It will also allow dissenting voices to be heard.

The protesters involved in the blackout don’t trust the Tor Project anymore. In the Jake Appelbaum case, the facts have come to light that the people who were the “supposed” victims of the sexual assault allegations on Appelbaum, have been a part of the jury formed to investigate the allegations.

The demands also include the resignation of Tor Director Shari Steele and isolation of Roger Dingledine from all Tor-related operations. The protesters accuse Dingledine being partial and unprofessional in the Appelbaum’s investigation process. They also want the new board to reveal their involvement in the investigations and leave Tor if they’ve supported it.

#torstrike statement says that all the information concerning to Jake Appelbaum’s investigation should be made public along with the names of people involved.

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