This Tor-Enabled SIM Card Will Keep You Anonymous On Mobile Networks


In this world of online tracking and surveillance, maintaining online privacy can be quite a challenge. Your ISP or VPN provider can technically keep a log of everything that you do online — so what do we do?

Tor is an answer that solves this problem and helps in securing online privacy and evading surveillance. However, configuring the setup can be a pain.

So a UK-based enterprise Brass Horns Communications is currently testing a data only-SIM card that automatically routes all your mobile data traffic through the Tor network.

It doesn’t require any setup as all the configuration is hardcoded in it. However, users will have to create a new access point name on their device for connecting to the new network.

But the best part about the Tor-SIM card is that not even Bras Horn can monitor the traffic that passes through it.

Brass Horn’s founder, Gareth Llewelyn, told Motherboard that his venture is “about sticking a middle finger up to mobile filtering, mass surveillance.”

As the name suggests, Brass Horn Onion3G SIM card connects over 3G service only. It is still in beta testing phase and currently works in the UK only. The company is aiming to make it available to the public by 2019.

The Tor-SIM card will most likely be priced at £2 per month to use it on a prepaid basis. For each MB of traffic that runs through it will cost  £0.025 to users. Customers will be able to recharge the account by using credit card or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Monero, or ZCash.

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