Official Tor Browser For Android Finally Launched: Download Here

Tor browser for Android
Tor Project

Now you can visit websites from your Android smartphone without leaving any internet footprint with the newly launched Tor Browser for Android.

The Tor Project announced today that they are launching an official web browser for Android devices. The Tor Browser for Android is in an experimental stage, and an alpha version has been released as of now.

Before this release, there were third-party Tor-based browsers available for surfing the web secretly, but there was no official Tor browser. The Tor Browser uses a set of decentralized relays for hiding the internet footprint of users making it next to impossible for ads, location trackers and law enforcement agencies to track you on the web.

The release of the alpha version of the Tor Browser for Android devices is accompanied with the release of Tor Browser 8.0, which comes with new user onboarding experience and improved bridge fetching techniques.

Tor Android mobile browser features block trackers to stop adware from tracking your online activity, multi-layered encryption and also provides you the option to access websites that may have been blocked by your internet service provider.

The official post states that the users can expect the stable release by early 2019.

You can download the Alpha version of Tor Browser for Android from Google Play Store and Tor Project’s official download page.

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Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

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