Tor Browser 8.0 Released: New Onboarding Experience & Optimized Bridge Fetching

Tor Browser 8.0

The Tor project has unveiled all new Tor Browser 8.0 with an updated language page, new onboarding experience for new users, additional language support and optimized bridge fetching technique.

Tor browser is famous for establishing an anonymous connection by bundling data into encrypted packets before passing them through the network, thus hiding your internet footprint.

The new update is based on the Firefox 60 ESR (Extended Support Release), unlike the previous version which was powered by Firefox 52 ESR.

New Onboarding Experience

The newly released Tor Browser 8.0 addresses the longtime issues raised by the users. One of the major changes is the new onboarding experience for the new users.

The welcome tour now provides users with all the information they would need to get started with the Tor browser. The ‘About’ section of the browser describes the aspects that make Tor different than other commonly available browsers and how can users use Tor to make the best out of their browsing experience.

Optimized Bridge Configuration Flow

For locations where Tor browser is blocked because of censorship related issues, Tor earlier provided a handful of bridges to bypass the censorship. To obtain additional bridges, users had to send an email or visit a website which was a complicated procedure. With the Tor 8.0, Tor has simplified the procedure for requesting additional bridges. Now, users have to solve a captcha in Tor launcher to get a bridge IP.

Improved Language Support

Earlier, Tor supported fewer languages which posed a challenge for the users as they were not able to use the browser in their native language. The Tor Browser 8.0 has introduced the support for nine languages that were previously unavailable. Newly added languages are Catalan, Irish, Indonesian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, Hebrew, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese.

Additionally, the Tor Browser 8.0, now, ships Tor with OpenSSL 1.0.2p and Libevent 2.1.8. You can read the complete changelog here. You can download the updated version of Tor Browser by clicking on this link.

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