Top Programming Languages For IoT Development In 2019


IoT devices continue to flourish in the technology industry, and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This is why developers should acquire the skills required to ride this wave.

The IoT Developer Survey report has outlined the top programming languages for IoT development in 2019, so let’s take a quick look at all the major insights of the survey.

Best programming languages for IoT projects in 2019

The report categorizes IoT development into three segments, that is, Constrained devices, Gateways and edge nodes, and IoT Cloud.

best programming languages for IoT development in 2019

Among these, C continues to dominate Constrained devices, just like the previous year. C/C++ are well-known for its portability, and most of the micro-controllers for IoT devices support these languages for computing, so these rankings are no surprise.

Java is still the preferred programming language on Edge/Gateway and Cloud applications. But Java Embedded for IoT offers multiple advantages such as strong resource availability, less support cost, different kinds of hardware support, etc.

Even though Python’s popularity is rising and it has managed to outrank Java in GitHub survey and other reports. It still has a long way to go as far as its adoption in IoT development is concerned.

Operating system landscape in IoT world

Different operating systems offer various advantages to IoT developers in terms of implementing standard features and helping them concentrate on their business outcomes.

TOP OS for iot development

Among them, the top three preferred OS are Windows, FreeRTOS, and No-OS. [No-OS means that no OS is pre-installed and you need to manually install a Linux or Windows variant of OS to run the software you want]

Other noteworthy highlights

Here are some of the other interesting tidbits from the report that are worth mentioning:

  • AWS, Azure, and GCP are the leading IoT cloud platforms
  • Eclipse Desktop IDE is the leading IDE for building IoT applications
  • Security, connectivity, and data collection and analytics remain the top 3 concern for IoT developers
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