10 Best Free Data Recovery Software [2020 Edition]

Some data recovery software FAQs:

Why do we end up losing our data?

Just like people say, stuff happens. You can end up losing your data due to many reasons. It could be your own carelessness, an accidental deletion, buggy update, malware attack, etc. Just when you become aware of the fact that something has been lost, stop what you’re doing. Whenever you delete a file, all your PC does is marking the space on your hard drive available for rewriting. So, by doing as little computing as possible, you decrease the chances of your files getting overwritten.

Are data recovery software effective?

It goes without saying that no software can guarantee 100% data recovery. However, by choosing the right tool like Recuva, you can increase your chances of getting back the data. In case you’re lucky enough to not have overwritten the data, your chances of recovery increases even more. Trying to find the real cause of data deletion also makes the whole exercise easier.

How old files I’ll be able to recover with a software?

As explained above, a file recovery software can only get back the files that haven’t been overwritten on your storage drive. That’s why it’s recommended to attempt the recovery as soon as possible to increase your chances.

How does data recovery work?

In the past we’ve written an article telling differences between data deletion, shredding, wiping, etc; it can give you a pretty good idea of file deletion works. Having told you that, any file that’s “deleted” from your disk remains on it until it’s replaced by some other file. The file recovery software make use of this concept and look for different information that can help them find the exact location where that particular file was stored. That’s why it’s recommended to stop performing any operation or saving new data on your computer when you realize that a file is lost and you need to recover the same.

How to choose a data recovery company?

Here are some points and features that one should keep in mind while going ahead and choosing the best data recovery company for his/her need:

  • Support for several file types
  • File preview option before recovery
  • Regular updates and support
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Option to recover files in external media
  • Option to recover files from external storage and electronic media

How long does data recovery take?

If any software is telling you that it can recover any file in “X hours/minutes,” don’t let it fool you. The paid/free data recovery process is dependent on many factors like size and speed of hard disk from which you’re attempting to undelete data. Many software show an estimated remaining time while the scan is running, which could give you a pretty good idea of the time for scanning and recovery.

I haven’t deleted any data but my SD Card/USB Drive/Hard drive is corrupted?

If you’re facing such issue, follow the steps mentioned in our SD Card and hard drive repair articles.

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0 thoughts on “10 Best Free Data Recovery Software [2020 Edition]”

  1. Avatar

    Stellar Phoenix Recovery Tool isn’t free but always works great in similar situations. Thanks for sharing this great list of freeware Navanshu.

  2. Avatar

    Recuva is not free. Free trial only allows recovery of first 100mb. Need to pay if you want to recover more than that. May be good software (uninstalled before trying as I disapprove of their marketing tactics).

  3. Avatar

    Just so to be clear, data recovery software works only if the storage works. In cases of malfunctioning, damaged storage or evev infected one with virus or crypto locker, you will need some data recovery professional service.
    Visit the https://recuperidati-raid-nas.it to learn how to prevent that form doing, and what to do if this actually happens to you.

  4. Avatar

    I haven’t tried most of them. I tried Recuva and it works! But for larger files and retrieval needs I use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software for reinstating my lost photos and videos collection.

  5. Avatar

    Although the scanning is fast, the program has no deep scan mode which it could mean a slightly reduced chance of recovering the most hard to recover files.

  6. Avatar

    Stellar Phoenix Recovery Tool isn't free but always works great in similar situations. Thanks for sharing this great list of freeware Navanshu.

  7. Avatar

    What is about you people.
    Do they pay you to advertise these things or do you just google and post what’s current.
    I’ve tried every single one of these and they don’t do the job especially when the file is fragmented on an NTFS machine. Heck, some of these even pass over or rename .MKV files to MPG.

    How about actually test these programs out before you try and con people.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Arch,

      Sorry for the hassles but it’s how data recovery software reacts as per the corruption level. Free tools are just to recover permanently deleted or formatted files (there wouldn’t be lot more delay to recover files). If you are more cautious about deleted files, professional utility is strongly recommended.

      It’ll ask you for money only after assuring yourself that deleted files would surely be recovered once you’ve upgraded to premium. Go ahead and try Stellar Phoenix software, as I’ve recommended above and it’ll surely help you getting your files back.

      Good luck!!

      1. Avatar
        Arch Stanton

        I already have gotten 99% everything with R-Studio.
        EaseUS found a lot but could not cover fragmented and the continue feature does not work. After 13 hours of scanning and save the damn save and resume does what!

        R-Studio was the only one and I tried at least 12.
        Stellar Phoenix was really no better than Seagate recovery and a lot of them looked and felt exactly the same as if one code was sold and their brand label was slapped on it.

        You should put a disclosure as to who you got paid before you ran the story because after a real world scenario I can write an unbiased review of what worked and how BS the article was.

        1. Avatar

          Glad you’ve recovered your files. I’ve been previously a customer of Stellar Data Recovery and it did recovered 100% of hard drive data where other software fails.

          If you talk about better, Stellar was established back in 1993 as I can see on their website and have some really powerful tools. Other utilities were introduced little lately such as Seagate, introduced last year.

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