Top 5 Updated Apple Patents as Per the U.S. Patent Office

Expect these to come to Apple devices soon.

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U.S. Patent & Trademark Office issued a list of five continuation patents from the trillion-dollar company (Apple), regarded as the “patent updates.” The entire series covers different designs, including utility patents and design patents.

The series includes:

  1. A glass Apple device similar to a MacBook with a nearly invisible notification panel that light-up when required
  2. a virtual reality system
  3. MacBook with a detachable key-mouse
  4. A device like the iPhone, which comes with sidewall displays
  5. A health band that can monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, etc.

Patent 1: Concealable Input Regions for Apple Devices

According to a report from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple had a patent update for redesigning MacBook (mainly) and Apple Watches. The current casting (metal) is replaced by another, which comprises glass (carbon fiber, glass, plastic, ceramic, etc.).

The innovative design would also be compatible with nearly invisible micro-perforations that make for notification areas with interactive buttons. The patent also shows that the invention could apply to Apple Pencil and iPhone.

Apple’s patent FIG. 10C shows the MacBook design sample with various input regions illuminated. The FIGS 3A-C displays the other symbols that can also be present.

Image Credit – Patently Apple

Patent 2: The Virtual Reality System

Apple got its patent for a virtual reality system back in March 2022. It is related to a mixed reality headset with the Dynamic Focus 3D Display.

A regular V.R. system usually projects images left and right on the screens, whereas Apple’s “direct retinal projector system” is capable of scanning the images, pixel by pixel, unswervingly on the retina of the subject.

The Apple Patents FIG 9 displays an example of system #900, which includes frame #905 that you can configure to hold different AR/VR device elements, like the glasses or goggles frame, or helmet.

It is shaped so that the subject can wear it over the head in a position as curved in mirrors #415A and #415B in front of the left and right eye of the subject, respectively.

Image Credit – Patently Apple

Patent 3: Deployable Key Mouse

This one relates to a new and innovative compact keyboard design that offers removable keys or a set of keys that you can use on a different input device like a joystick, mouse, or a pointing stick.

This Apple invention relays on input devices like a stylus, handheld mouse, wand, etc. The main idea is that you can easily separate the input device from the keyboard and use it individually.

Apple’s patent FIG. 1 shows the keyboard with the removable keys concept, acting as a pointing device or a mouse. The keyboard can be a full-sized or a compact keyboard. It could be a MacBook or desktop keyboard.

In FIGS. 1A and 1B, the subject can use the keys (or keys) as a remote input device. The user will have to press the button to release the keys. The set of keys that can perform like a remote input device (#106) might have various buttons for different functions.

Image Credit – Patently Apple

In FIG. 2A, the housing (#202) can include a side surface (#222) that comprises a retractable body portion (#224) that the subject can extend from the side surface to increase the housing size. Alternatively, the body portion can be known as the “expandable side of the housing.”

In certain examples, the top surface is convex, as displayed by surface (#336) in FIG. 3. The convex top surface can be placed on the rectangular key housing or cylindrical or elliptical housing.

A convex or concave top surface can constructively increase the surface area compared to a flat or planar top surface. It can thus provide more surface area against which the subject can get the sliding or touch input to the detachable input device shown by bidirectional arrows (#300). The central feature can also operate as a fingerprint scanner.

Patent 4: Electronic Devices with Sidewall Displays

Apple got the patent for electronic devices with the sidewall display back in February 2022 with the sidewall displays that mainly traced back to 2011.

Image Credit – patentlyapple

As per Apple, the flexible display may comprise one or more than one flexible layers, and it can be mounted under the transparent display cover layer (such as a clear plastic or glass layer).

It may contain a layer (touch-sensitive) that lets the user provide the input touch to the electronic device. It can also display the pixels on the flexible display, showing the visual information to its users.

Apple’s patent FIG. 1 shows the potential view of the iPhone with the flexible display.

Patent 5: Wearing Dependent Operation of Wearable Device

Apple Got this patent approved in December 2019, titled “Wearing Dependent Operation of Wearable Device.” It relates to a device that the subject can wear (like a B.P. monitor, heart rate monitor, fitness monitor, etc.) which can attach itself to a part of the user’s body (like arm, bicep, neck, wrist, torso, etc.) through an attachment member (like a band, strap, etc.). It may operate in a connected or a disconnected state.

Image Credit – Patently Apple

Apple’s patent FIG. 1 shows the isometric view of the idea (#100) for a wearable device (#103). It illustrates a wearable device, a heart rate monitor comprising a touch screen display 104 that the user can wear through an attachment strap 102 to its bicep 101.

Source: Patently Apple



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