Top 7 Best Co-op Games For PC In 2022

Top 7 Best Co-op Games For PC In 2022

Nothing beats the joy of playing co-op games with friends. Whether on a console, a PC, a duo, or a group of friends for a game night, co-op games never fail to bring out the fun. This article brings you the 7 best co-op games for PC that you can play with your buddies.

For those unaware, co-op games are a category of video games built keeping in mind the input of two players, wherein the two players work together to achieve the goal in the game’s storyline. It doesn’t matter what the genre of the game is; a game from any genre can have a co-op element. Meanwhile, for the PC gamers out there, we’ve come up with the 7 best co-op games for PC you must play in 2022.

7 best co-op games to play

1. Dead by Daylight

‘Dead by Daylight’ is a great co-op game to play on PC with friends on a Friday night. The game offers a thrilling experience for players in a co-op and multiplayer with a fairly simple concept. Dead by Daylight’s gameplay features 5 players playing hide and seek. While one of them has to find the other four, the simple concept of hiding and seeking is a bit tweaked here, or so to say the least.

One player assumes the role of a savage killer while the other four hide from the killer and try and escape the map. If any of the players is caught, they’re tortured and killed until one of the fellow escapees saves them from the brutal murder. While Dead by Daylight sounds grotesque, it is every bit as fun to play as a co-op game with your friends, thus topping the list of the 7 best co-op games to play on PC in 2022.

Download: Dead by Daylight

2. It Takes Two

Another great co-op video game for PC players. ‘It Takes Two’ is a must-add to the list of the best co-op games to play in 2022. Moreover, having won the game of the year award in 2021, ‘It Takes Two’ is a classic example of a two-person game. The campaign is fun and features many minigames, and gives players the ability throughout the story to keep things fascinating.

As for the story of ‘It Takes Two,’ the game is about a couple that has fallen out of love and is on the brink of divorce. However, their bodies get transported into dolls, and now the two must fight their way by working together to get back to their original selves.

Download: It Takes Two

3. Phasmophobia

Ah! a co-op multiplayer horror game that will send chills down your spine. ‘Phasmophobia’ is not only a great game to play alone; it’s a lot more fun to play co-op on PC. Players take on the role of paranormal investigators and go on various missions. The concept is simple: gear up, get into a house, and find ghosts; however, things quickly take a turn as you delve deeper into the game.

The jumpscares, the music, everything makes Phasmophobia a near-perfect horror co-op game to play with friends on a Friday night. If horror games are your cup of tea, check our list of the best horror games.

Download: Phasmophobia

4. Minecraft

Bet you never thought ‘Minecraft’ would make the list of the best co-op games for PC? Well, what can we say? ‘Minecraft’ is like the chameleon of the gaming scene. With endless possibilities on how you want to play Minecraft, making it a co-op adventure is one. Whether you plan to undertake a project or build a massive Minecraft city, having two or more players to help you or just chill in the Minecraft world seems fun.

Or, if building something is not your cup of tea, consider destroying and creating chaos with your friends in Minecraft’s world; bet now you’re not thinking what Minecraft is doing on the list of the best co-op games for PC in 2022.

Download: Minecraft

5. Left 4 Dead 2

Before ‘Came Back 4 Blood,’ there was this great co-op game called ‘Left 4 Dead,’ You’d be living under a rock if you haven’t played any of the two titles available in the ‘Left 4 Dead’ series. It has been more than a decade since ‘Left 4 Dead 2′ came out, and the game still doesn’t fail to get players’ adrenaline pumping as they fight their way against zombie hordes.

The game is a classic in co-op zombie survival games and is among the first ones in the genre. While ‘Left 4 Dead’ is marketed as more like a first-person shooter, the game is best played as a co-op. All in all, Left 4 Dead 2 is a must-play if you’re looking for some best zombie co-op games to play in 2022.

Download: Left 4 Dead 2

6. A Way Out

If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to break from prison, ‘A Way Out’ is the game for you. This couch co-op title requires the inputs from two players in a split-screen experience. ‘A Way Out’ is about two inmates fighting their way out of the prison, fighting guards and other prison inmates. Oh, and the game throws puzzles your way too. Overall ‘A Way Out’ is a great experience for two friends who casually want to enjoy a session of some of the best co-op games.

Download: A Way Out

7. Diablo 3

For fans of the hack and slash genre, the long-running series from Blizzard Entertainment is one they shouldn’t miss. ‘Diablo 3’ plays out much like the previous games from the Diablo franchise; players get to choose their characters from 6 possible character classes and go on Diablo’s journey of quests. Moreover, getting through the world of Diablo 3 requires effort; also, don’t shy away from hoarding up the loot in this game.

Moreover, for the people comparing ‘Diablo 3’ to World of Warcraft, don’t do that; these games belong to a different class entirely. Lastly, ‘Diablo 3’ is an enjoyable title as one of the best co-op games for PC in 2022.

Download: Diablo 3

Best co-op games for PCs to play in 2022

Keeping the list short and crisp, we have concluded the best co-op games to play on PC in 2022. Surely we might have missed many titles which our audience likes, only to keep the list short. Meanwhile, if you’re wondering, we’d like to name a few other games here where you can play co-op on PC. Games like Valheim, Tina’s Tiny Wonderlands, Among Us, even Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War; if you’re wondering, here’s our tutorial to make COD Black Ops Cold War splitscreen.

We hope you like the list of the best co-op games on PC that we presented to you; meanwhile, look out for a more similar list of the best co-op games for different consoles coming in the future.

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