Top 5 Reasons Why Voat Could Become the Reddit-killer People Want



Just in case you are not aware of Reddit-revolt, here’s an update: Last week Reddit “Ask Me Anything” moderator Victoria Taylor was fired and in protest website’s most popular subreddits were converted into private subreddits by their moderators. Meanwhile, another Reddit-looking website Voat has gained popularity.

Voat recently crumbled under the new-found user base and tweeted the message that the website was “under extremely heavy load.” But now, the website is back and aiming to become the Reddit-killer. Take a look at the top 5 reasons that are working in favour of Voat and why it could become the Reddit-killer:

Reddit is stinking:

Reddit, commonly known as “the front page of internet”, has pissed off its users and they are flocking to Voat. Even though Reddit CEO Ellen Pao has apologized for “the long history of mistakes”, Voat has managed to get the attention it needed. Pao vowed for a change, but it seems to be just a gesture as things haven’t been hygienic at Reddit for some time. It should be noted that Pao’s apology skipped any mention of firing of Taylor.

Feels and works like Reddit:


Whatever may be the conditions at Reddit, its interface and simplicity helped it in becoming the “internet’s front face.” Voat was launched back in 2014 as WhoaVerse and it changed its name about six months ago with new goat logo for Voat. This website looks, feels, and functions a lot like Reddit. Voat, based in Switzerland, is a link sharing website where you can submit your text and links. Just like Reddit, users can up vote or down vote the posts. As a link gets more up votes, it rises up in the list.

Voat’s Mission:

Voat’s mission tries to address the vulnerable state of Reddit focusing on its “censorship-free community platform” and its users have chance to earn a fraction of the ad-revenue of their submitted content. Its mission states:

“No legal subject in this universe should be out of bounds. Our aim is to build a site that serves the needs and wants of our users; one that strives for quality over quantity, and doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator in return for traffic.”

This mission has benefitted Voat as users have “moved-in” talking all about freedom of speech and privacy.

Banned subreddits:

TNW writes that the website’s traffic started seeing a rise when Reddit CEO announced banning of five subreddits due to violation of harassment policies. As a result, these five banned subreddits instantly found shelter on Voat and the recent Reddit–revolt added fuel to the fire.

People like to watch a sinking ship:

This new flood of users has forced Voat to upgrade its systems and has seen about 7000,000 visits in last thirty days.

Currently is thriving as a new-found hope for the dissatisfied Reddit users and its future walk would be an interesting story. Its growth, user-satisfaction, sustainability – everything depends on its governance.

Good luck Voat, CEO Pao isn’t liking this brand-new Reddit-killer tag.

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