Top 30 Countries With Highest IPv6 Adoption


top-30-ipv6-adoptionShort Bytes: The most recent version of the Internet protocol is IPv6. Launched in 2012, IPv6 has witnessed a slow adoption rate despite the fact that it is more advantageous than IPv4. Here are the top 30 countries having the highest IPv6 adoption.

The newer version of the Internet Protocol is IPv6 which provides a gigantic address space in comparison to the older IPv4. It has a 128-bit address space which is equivalent to 3.4 x 10^38 IP addresses. On the other hand, IPv4 has a 32-bit address space which is 4.3 billion IP addresses.

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IPv6 also comes with many security features which put it above IPv4. It was in development since the late 1990s when IETF formalized the next generation internet protocol in 1998. IPv6 was finally launched on June 6, 2012.

Despite having a big upper-hand in terms of features, IPv6 adoption has been on slow track. A prominent reason is that the IPv6 is not backward compatible with IPv4 which currently rules the internet. Workarounds like dual stacking have been suggested but, still, it’s a big shortcoming of the IPv6 protocol and even its creators have realized it.

The IPv6 adoption is snail-paced but it’s growing as more and more users, organizations, and countries have started to realize its benefits. Here is the list of top 30 countries having highest IPv6 adoption.

1. Belgium (IPv6 Adoption: 46.6%)

The topper in this list is a country situated in the Europe. For Belgium, the adoption rate has been steady over the last couple of years.


2. Greece (27.6%)

Greece stands on the 2nd position but its IPv6 adoption shows a considerable drop in comparison to Belgium. However, it’s still higher than other countries in the world.


3. Germany (26.1%)

After Greece, Germany lands with 26.1 percent IPv6 adoption. Starting from Germany you won’t see a considerable drop in the adoption percentage between two consecutive countries.


4. Switzerland (25.6%)

The land of holiday destinations is on number 4. It isn’t surprising because Switzerland is known for its brigade of determined coders who don’t give up easily. A major increase is visible in June 2015.

5. India (IPv6 Adoption: 25.4%)

India has shown a considerable increase in the IPv6 adoption since July 2016. Before that, the graph was touching the bottom.


6. USA (23.6%)

The USA is also one of the early adopters of the IPv6 protocol. In fact, they are the creators of the older IPv4. But the United States has been surpassed by other countries.


7. Luxembourg (23.4%)

Luxembourg has a powerful economy and has a mix of culture it borrows from its neighbors. But the small-sized country has managed to score big numbers in the IPv6 adoption.


8. Portugal (18.3%)

A drop of almost 5% is visible in the case of Portugal. This is the land from where the world-famous Porto comes. Other than making wines, the Portuguese nation is making its internet future-proof. Still, it is in the top 10.

9. Estonia (16.4%)

Estonia is obsessed with technology. During the early internet years, the Estonian programmer created a file-sharing software called Kazaa which later evolved into a product known as Skype. Estonia offers free public transport to registered citizens in its capital city Tallin.


10. United Kingdom (IPv6 Adoption: 13.6%)

The number 10 is the United Kingdom. Similar to India, UK has also witnessed a drastic jump in the adoption rate in the year 2016.


More Countries down the list:

11. Ecuador (IPv6 Adoption: 13.2%)

12. France (12.9%)

13. Japan (12.8%)

14. Canada (12.1%)

15. Peru (11.7%)

16. Austria (11.6%)

17. Malaysia (11.4%)

18. Trinidad And Tobago (10.9%)

19. Finland (9.6%)

20. Czech Republic (8.3%)

21. Hungary (8.1%)

22. Netherlands (6.7%)

23. Ireland (: 6.3%)

24. Brazil (6.1%)

25. Norway (6.0%)

26. Australia (5.1%)

27. Romania (4.4%)

28. Zimbabwe (4.2%)

29. Sweden (3.9%)

30. Bosnia (IPv6 Adoption: 3.6%)

The data used in this article is a part of the IPv6 Adoption Visualization in the State of the Internet report by Akamai Technologies.

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