Top 10 Countries Having The Fastest Average Internet Speed

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internet users map 1Short Bytes: Speed of the internet is what the digital population is concerned about. So, how fast is the internet around the world in different countries? Let’s have a look the top 10 countries in the world having highest average internet speeds.

Since the time internet was introduced to the public sector, the speed of the internet has been a topic of discussion among the folks of the digital world. For most of us, it is now an inevitable part of lives from checking emails to watching movies or posting about what we eat on Zomato. But the speed game hasn’t been fair across the internet realm. There are some people who have access to a blazing fast connection and can open websites at the blink of an eye and for some people, it takes ages to load a single web page.

Akamai Technologies Inc. regularly publishes country ranking based on the data transfer speeds in its report titled as State of The Internet. What they take into consideration is the average internet speed across a nation and prepare a list according to the data collected in a particular time period. The global average internet speed was calculated to be 5.6 Mbps (Megabits per second) in Q4 of 2015.

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Let’s have a look at the top 10 countries with the fastest internet:

10. Denmark

Average Internet Speed: 16.1 Mbps

The last in the list is the European country famous for its expensive lifestyle. The Danes spend 5 dollars just to have a cup of coffee. At least, they have an advantage in terms of internet speed which remains well above most of the countries in the world.

9. Finland

Average Internet Speed: 16.6 Mbps

We know Finland for the Angry Birds, Nokia, and Lapland.  There, it would be awesome to watch devil-alike Lordi guys singing Hard Rock Hallelujah on YouTube in full HD because the Finnish folks have access to one of the fastest internet speeds.

8. Switzerland

Average Internet Speed: 16.7 Mbps

You might want to watch some movie or check your Swiss account balance in the Alps and the 16.7 Mbps connection is at your service. Switzerland has far more to offer than the beautiful landscapes and mouth-watering chocolates.

7. Latvia

Average Internet Speed: 16.7 Mbps

The nation which was once ruled by different foreign powers is now ruling the world in terms of internet speed. Taste the sweet and sour bread, get a booze (they make great beers) and stream your favourite content at burning speeds.

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6. Hong Kong

Average Internet Speed: 16.8 Mbps

The Cantonese-speaking region has around 300 skyscrapers which are used to display the soothing symphony of lights in the evening. Capture the beautiful light and sound show and share them with your family and friends using the 16.8 Mbps internet.

5. Netherlands

Average Internet Speed: 17 Mbps

The “low country” is very high in terms of average internet bandwidth offered to the citizenry obsessed with bicycles. The pastry loving Dutch folks spend their free time at brown cafés and browse the internet at megabit speeds.

4. Japan

Average Internet Speed: 17.4 Mbps

Just like Denmark, Japan is enough to burn your pockets when daily expenses are concerned. But what they have is speed and perfection. A train operator gives a written apology to all the passengers even if the train gets late by 5 minutes. So, how can a nation like this lag behind when the internet is taken into consideration.

3. Norway

Average Internet Speed: 18.8 Mbps

Norwegians have a passion for skiing and they are doing that since 5100 BC. Just like they slide in the snow, they speed through the internet eating waffles and sipping coffee during bright sunny nights. Yes, they have sunlight at nights during some part of the year.

2. Sweden

Average Internet Speed: 19.1 Mbps

Second in the list, Swedish people are blessed with internet bandwidth. The have the freedom to use their high-speed internet anywhere in the country, even on private lands. This is because the Right of Public Access given by the government to every citizen allows them to roam anywhere in the country. They are punctual like the Japanese.

1. South Korea

Average Internet Speed: 26.6 Mbps

The heavy-weight title winners are the Koreans with a whopping 26.6 megabit per second internet bandwidth. Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” phrase best suits the situation. South Korea’s 92% population is connected to the internet. They have high-tech bus stops and virtual supermarkets. This nation has outpaced the world when we talk about the internet. However, “a little left behind”, said Eric Schmidt, ex-CEO Google because the internet in the South Korea is subject to censorship.

It is hard to believe that countries like China, UK, and the USA couldn’t make it to the top 10 despite the technological advancements they have manifested in the last few decades. But it is not something which is engraved on a stone, the list might change anytime.

The list above based on the average internet speed is for the Q4 of 2015. Akamai’s State of The Internet report includes another one based on the peak internet speeds in which Singapore has triumphed with 135.7 Mbps. The global peak speed is 32.5 Mbps. It also throws some light on the adoption of the newer IPv6 protocol in which European nations are at the forefront. Belgium having 37% adoption rate leads IPv6 race followed by Switzerland (21%), Greece (20%), Portugal (20%) and so on.

The rankings in this list will be updated in future based on the availability of newer statistics.

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