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Count the number of words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs in your text in one click.

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About Word Counter

Word Counter is a 100% free to use, online productivity tool to give you the exact number of words in your text document. Apart from words, you also get the number of characters, sentences, paragraphs, and characters without spaces.

Calculating the right number of words is important in jobs that need you to stick to a particular word / character limit. You can use this tool to get instantaneous results without even signing up.


What Is Word Counter?

Word counter is a tool to count the number of words in a piece of text. This free and online tool helps you skip the hassle of manually calculating the length of a document and gives you the exact number of words. You don't need to sign up or install any app to use it; it can be accessed on any internet-connected device with a web browser.


How to use the Word Counter tool?

  1. To count the number of words, open the text document and copy the entire content.
  2. Paste the copied content in the text input box.
  3. The number of words will be displayed instantly in the right hand corner under the Result column.


How to count the number of characters and sentences in text?

This tool also gives you the number of characters and sentences in your text document. You'll see this result just below the number of words on the right side.


Does Word Counter also count spaces?

You don’t have to worry about the spaces in your content. Word counter online shows you the number of words in two ways: With Space and Without Spaces.


How many languages are supported by Word Counter?

Word Counter currently supports eight languages and we are increasing their number with each update. The supported languages are: English, Spanish, Russian, French, Turkish, German, and Italian.


Is there any limit on the number of words that I can count?

No. We don’t believe in keeping you restricted to a few hundred words. Word Counter tool gives you the freedom to count an unlimited number of words.


How many times can I use Word Counter for free?

Again, we don’t restrict your usage. You can use our free online counter tool for an unlimited number of times without worrying about a popup asking you to sign up to continue.