Free Signature Maker - Handwritten & Type Signature

Use Signature Generator to create your eSign and use it in online documents.

Our Signature Maker is an online app that allows you to draw your hand signature with ease or simply type it in different cursive fonts, and finally download it in image format. Here’s how to use it -

Create Sign By Drawing:

  1. Visit the Fossbytes Online Signature Maker tool page.
  2. Choose the option: Draw Signature.
  3. In the Draw color option, select Pen Color and Pad Color from the top.
  4. Now use your laptop’s mouse pad, external mouse, phone screen, or digital pen to draw your signature.
  5. If you end up messing up your signature the first time, use the Clear or Undo button to try again.
  6. After you’re done with the drawing part, use the Save as PNG, Save as JPG, or Save as SVG option to download your sign.

Create Sign By Typing:

  1. Choose the option: Type Signature.
  2. Now just type your name and choose the signature color. 
  3. Select your favorite cursive font and download it.
  4. Feel free to add the signature design in desired documents.


Features of Fossbytes Signature Maker

  • Color Selector: You can choose our cursive signature generator to create your sign in any color you want. Not just pen, we also let you choose the pad color. The same goes for type signatures as well.
  • Multiple tryout option: Let’s accept it, you can’t draw your electronic signature perfectly using a mouse or phone screen on the first attempt. That’s where the Clear and Undo options come into the picture. 
  • 3 download formats: After ensuring that you’ve drawn a perfect and unique signature, you can save the image file in PNG, JPG, or SVG formats. These image formats have their own usage and unique properties.
  • Support for multiple input methods: Not just your laptop trackpad, we let you draw your sign using an external mouse, input pen, or touchscreen -- whatever you’re most comfortable with. If you simply want to type your signature in a cursive font, we’ve also got that option with lots of beautiful fonts.

With more and more people using online services, we all come across the need to create an online signature and use it with convenience. The online Signature Maker tool from Fossbytes makes the whole process easier than ever. 

All other tools available online come with tons of confusing options that do more harm than good. While creating our online electronic sign creator, we’ve ensured to keep things straightforward. Just select pen and pad color, draw or type your signature on the empty pad, and download it. It’s as simple as that.

Note: To know how to add your downloaded signature file to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or PDF files, follow our instructions mentioned in later sections. We’ve also included simple explanations of differences between wet signatures, electronic signatures, and digital signatures.


Why use an online signature tool?

Online tools bring along a convenience that can’t be matched by their offline counterparts or dedicated third-party apps. Simply open the signature tool page on your internet-connected device and use it to generate electronic signatures. 


Are hand-drawn signatures and type signatures a form of an electronic signature?

Yes. A handwritten or electronically created signature using a touchscreen, drawing pad, keyboard, or mouse also falls under the category of electronic signature. Please note that this online cursive and type signature is different from a digital signature, which is the most secure form of electronic signature (more on this in later sections).


Are my signatures saved after I create one using this tool?

No way! We don’t save your electronic signature on servers or share it with any third party. Your privacy and security is our top priority, so no compromise on that front.


Are these signatures legal?

Yes. These handwritten signatures and type signatures are a form of electronic signature and hence they have legal validity. As per the USA ESIGN ACT, 2000, “A signature may not be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form.” 

Talking about other countries, most of them hold electronic signatures legal. If you’re unsure about the laws in your country, we recommend you to confirm the same.

As per Wikipedia, a signature is a “handwritten depiction of someone’s name, nickname, or some other mark” that a person uses as identity proof. As per legal laws across the world, a signature can be made using any method, unless a specific method is prescribed.


Different types of signatures-

Wet signature

A wet signature is created when a person marks a physical document using a pen or a seal; it could be either one’s name written in stylized/cursive format or a distinct mark on a paper in presence of witnesses. Over the years, this practice has been pretty common in the form of seals in Egyptian, Harappan, Sumerian, and other civilizations. 

While digital and electronic signatures have as much validity as a wet signature, some documents like notary, wills, court orders, etc., need to be signed using a wet signature to make them fully legally binding. 


Electronic signature

An electronic signature is referred to as the process of marking one’s identity on a digitally transferred document. It could be either in the form of checking all boxes in a policy document, typing one’s name in an online form, uploading a picture of a wet signature, or using a mouse/touchscreen/writing pad to draw a signature. 

Our Online Signature Maker tool produces a type of handwritten electronic signature.


Digital signature

Often people use the terms electronic signature and digital signature interchangeably. Well, that’s not entirely correct. A digital signature is a category of electronic signature that makes use of cryptography and algorithms to ensure integrity. 

For digital signatures, you need to use dedicated tools like DocuSign, HelloSign, Leegality, Adobe Sign, etc.


How to add a signature in Google Docs?

To add the downloaded signature file to Docs by using the Insert option. To do so, decide where you want to insert the signature in a Google Doc and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Insert
  2. Choose Images option
  3. Now click on Upload from computer option
  4. Select the downloaded signature PNG or JPG file
  5. Adjust the image placement.


How to add a signature in a PDF file?

You need a PDF viewer software to add signatures to PDF files. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC app as it does not require you to go for any paid options for signature.

  1. Open the document that you wish to sign
  2. Click Fill & Sign option in the right pane
  3. Now click Sign button in the toolbar
  4. Select Add Signature > Image
  5. Upload the downloaded sign image from your computer


How to add a signature to MS Word file?

There are two ways to do this. First, you can upload your MS Word file to Google Drive and follow the instructions mentioned in Google Docs. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Word document in Microsoft Word
  2. Click on the Insert option
  3. Now choose Picture > Picture from File
  4. Locate the downloaded signature on your computer and insert it