Free QR Code Generator — Embed Text, URL, VCard

Create colorful and free QR code to share an address, text, URL, email address, contact card, WiFi credentials, etc.

Create Customized QR Code

Fossbytes QR Code Generator is a complementary tool to our QR Code Scanner. With this free and convenient tool, you can embed the relevant information in the QR code and get the image of the same in an instant.

Our tool supports different QR code data types that are explained below:

  • Text: Simple Text
  • URL: Website/webpage URL
  • Phone Number: Phone number with area code
  • SMS: Phone number and SMS text message
  • Email: Email address, Subject of email, and Email message
  • VCard Creator: Name, Company name, Position, Phone number (Work & Personal), Email address, Fax number, Full street address, Website URL
  • WiFi QR Code Generator: SSID (Network name), Encryption type, Password


Customization options in QR Code Generator:

Making colorful QR codes is something that you’d surely appreciate after using our tool. With a simple color-changing tool, you can define the color of code as well as the background.

Further, you can change the QR code version. It indicates the size/module of a QR code -- a larger version QR code contains more data.


How to make a QR code for free?

  1. Keep all the data that needs to be embedded in QR code ready with you.
  2. Open Fossbytes QR Code Generator tool.
  3. Choose the type of information you want to embed.
  4. Enter the information in designated empty boxes. For example, if you want to create a Wi-Fi QR Code, choose Wi-Fi option.
  5. Choose customization options like colorful QR Code and QR version.
  6. QR Code image gets generated in real-time.
  7. Click the blue download button to get QR image in PNG format.


Where can I use a QR Code?

With the increase of smartphone usage in recent years, the usage of QR codes to store and distribute information has increased vastly. You can store complex data like web links, full address details, product catalogs, geographical map locations, payment information, etc., in a square code and let people use them with ease. 


Why use an online QR Code Generator?

With the rise of web-based apps, more and more people are ditching dedicated Android or iOS QR Code apps. By using an online tool, you don’t need to install a third party app on your smartphone and waste costly storage space. 


Are Fossbytes Tools free to use?

Yes. Just like our other apps, our best QR Code Generator and Scanner tools are free to use. You don’t need to make an account and share your personal details just to use a simple tool. Moreover, there’s no restriction on the number of times you can access this tool.


What different types of QR Codes can I download?

As mentioned above, this online app supports email addresses, VCard, SMS, simple text, phone number, and WiFi credentials. Just choose the type of QR code you need to make, fill in all the details, and download the best QR code image for personal or professional usage.


How to make QR Codes on Android and iPhone?

Fossbytes QR Code tool works flawlessly on all web browsers. So it doesn’t matter if you’re using a Windows/Mac computer or accessing the tool on an iPhone or Android smartphone. Just follow the simple steps mentioned above and make a QR code PNG image.


How to scan a QR code on my smartphone?

Just like this QR Generator tool, we’ve another tool specially designed for scanning QR codes. All you need to do is visit the QR Code Scanner page and use your smartphone camera to scan it. The scanner tool can be used on laptops as well.

2020 has been the year that boosted the usage of this technology all across the world. While these black-white squares have been around for more than two decades, the Coronavirus pandemic has made them an essential; they are being used for contact tracing, contactless payments, to share online menus, etc. This has also increased the online searches for free QR code generators and scanners.


Who created the first QR Code?

This humble QR code, or Quick Response Code, was first developed to be used in the Japanese automobile industry. The Go Board-influenced design was used to scan high-speed moving components in the factory. The QR Code greatly contributed in making the management work efficient by being used in the electronic Kanban. 

By the year 2002, QR Code became widely popular among the general Japanese public, thanks to the marketing of smartphones with QR Code scanners.


Important QR Code Terminology

QR Code:

QR Code, also known as Quick Response Code, is a two-dimensional barcode that was first designed in 1994 in Japan. They are used to store information and quickly scan the same using a smartphone camera.

QR Code Generator:

QR Code Generator is an application that can be used to embed the needed information and create a QR Code image. You can either use a dedicated third-party application or use our free and online QR Code Generator app.

QR Code Scanner: 

QR Code Scanner is an app that scans and reads information stored in a QR code. You can either use your smartphone camera to scan a QR code or buy a dedicated QR scanner.

Data Matrix Code:

A Data Matrix Code is a 2D code that stores data in square patterns. An L-shaped pattern follows its borders and is used by scanners to recognize and read the code. A Data Matrix Code is usually used in small places as they can encode more characters in the same space.

Static QR Code:

The information stored in a Static QR Code can’t be changed and the destination URL can’t be altered once the code is created. You can’t track the scanning data like the number of scans, time, or place with a Static QR Code.

Dynamic QR Code:

A Dynamic QR Code can be used to embed information and URL that can be edited or updated any time even after the creation of the QR Code. Using a Dynamic Code, you can track scanning data as well.

QR Code Version:

The QR Code Version number decides the number of modules in a QR code. A higher version number means more modules and more information that can be stored in the code.