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About Lorem Ipsum

The Lorem Ipsum random text generator is a free and online utility that professionals can use. This tool gives you the precise number of paragraphs, words, or sentences specified by you with a single click. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for easy access.


What is Lorem Ipsum?

Lorem Ipsum is commonly used in the publishing and graphic industry as a placeholder text. It’s generally used before a final version of content is available to give an idea of what the document might look like. This also helps the graphic designers to keep their design ideas free from any influence from the meaning of the text. Different versions of Lipsum have been in use in the typography industry since the 1960s.


What is the meaning of Lorem Ipsum phrase?

Lorem Ipsum doesn’t mean anything. However, it’s not just a random text. The origin of Lorem Ipsum can be traced back to a first century BC  philosophical work titled De finibus bonorum et malorum, which means The Extremes of Good and Evils. The words in the text were changed to make it nonsensical.


What does the Lorem Ipsum tool do?

Our Lorem Ipsum random text generator does what it’s expected to do with excellent efficiency. With just one click, the free and online Lipsum creator can produce gibberish text that one can use for different purposes. This web-based app doesn’t ask you to sign up or puts any restrictions on the usage.


How to use the Lipsum Dummy Text Generator?

  1. Type the number of paragraphs, sentences, or words that you need in your dump text.
  2. Click on the blue-colored Generate button to get the results instantly.
  3. Use the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the text and paste it as per your needs.


Is Lipsum online generator free?

Yes. You can use this dummy text creator for an unlimited number of times without paying a single penny. We don’t believe in putting restrictions on your usage.


What is the use of Lorem Ipsum random text?

As mentioned above, Lipsum text is used all across the globe in the publishing industry. It helps to get an idea of how a printed or online document will look like. The text has evolved over the centuries and become popular with the release of Letraset Sheets in the 1960s. Today, a good Lorem Ipsum generator has become a trusted friend of a graphic designer.