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Quickly generate random and unique GUID/UUID identifiers in bulk

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Just like goods use barcodes as identifiers, books have ISBNs, cars have license plates, people have social security numbers, UUIDs are massive numbers used to identify components in computer applications. So we’ve created this free tool for anyone looking for a unique identifier to be used in their software projects or anywhere else. 

Just select the desired GUID/UUID format, copy the code, and you’re good to go. Based on our research, we’ve made sure that our tool provides a lightweight and fast experience. 

Note: GUID and UUID are essentially the same things and these terms are used interchangeably across the web and even their creators (detailed explanation in later sections).

For those of you who don’t know the basics of GUID and relevant terminologies, continue reading.


How to use an online GUID-UUID Generator?

  1. Open our ID Generator tool page
  2. The tool itself produces 5 GUIDs for your use. 
  3. Use the Copy/Download button to grab them or copy codes manually.
  4. If you want to generate GUIDs at scale, just enter the number of identifiers you want in the top box and click Generate button.
  5. Again, you can use Copy/Download button to grab the unique identifiers for your usage.


Features of Fossbytes GUID/UUID Tool

  • Bulk Code Generator: Our unique id tool can be used to produce codes in big volume and can be used if you need to create UUIDs very often. Just define how many GUIDs you want and get them in an instant.
  • Fast and lightweight: Online tools can often be bulky and, as a result, hog lots of RAM in your web browser tab. We’ve made sure that generating lots of unique identifiers is a fast and pleasant experience for you.
  • 3 formats to choose from: As per your need, you can choose the GUID formats -- Hyphen GUID, Braces GUID, and Uppercase GUID.
  • Simple export options: Once unique ids are generated, you can export them using Copy button or download them in a .txt file for later usage.


Why should I use an online GUID generator?

We recommend online tools due to the fact that your web browser is the most efficient software for most common task. An online GUID maker works on the same principle and does not require any third party software. As a result, you end up saving costly disk space on your computer or smartphone and use the same for storing important files and documents.


Is the Fossbytes GUID tool really free?

Yes. We don’t ask for any kind of payment to run our online tools. Just like our HTML editor, QR code creator, or other tools, online GUID Generator is 100% free to use. Moreover, we don’t restrict the number of times you can use it for your online/office development projects. All we ask for your support and feedback to help make the unique identifier tool better for everyone.


What’s the most efficient way to use this ID tool?

Any beginner computer/smartphone user can use UUID tool with ease. If you face any difficulties, just go through some simple steps we’ve mentioned in our how-to section above. We also encourage you to bookmark the Fossbytes Tools page for easy access on the go.


Unique ID generator can be used on which browsers/devices?

The answer to this question is really simple - our tool is supported by all modern web browsers, smartphones, and computers. All you need is a working internet connection to access our free to use the website.

GUID: Globally Unique Identifier
UUID: Universally Unique Identifier

A GUID/UUID is a 128-bit number identifier system that’s commonly employed in computer systems to identify different types of information. What makes them really stand out is their uniqueness and independence from any central authority or registration agency. 

GUID and UUID look just the same and they are used for the same purposes. For general usage, you can understand that GUID refers to UUID standard’s implementation by Microsoft. If you really care about the minute differences, then some documentation of Microsoft states that GUIDs should have any hex digit in any position. On the other hand, UUID RFC4122 standard needs certain values for variant and version fields.


UUID-GUID Examples

Some sample unique identifier examples with combination of hyphens, braces, and uppercase letters

  • 43077844-227a-4202-862b-83947e279fb3
  • {DCFDD741-92E7-42DE-BB08-B8C829EF2677}
  • {3c0fb8e7-c1c6-4a4a-b0a9-bddb3ef90058}


UUID Applications

Due to the uniqueness of UUID, it’s often used in computer/network systems. Microsoft, which uses its version of GUID, employs it for software components like Component Object, Module objects. It’s also used in a variety of other applications like cryptographic hash values, ID-based MAC address, sessions, token, entities, documents, database keys, etc.


The uniqueness of GUID/UUID

As said above, you don’t need to register anywhere to create a GUID for your use. Using the unique id standards (RFC4122) set for their creation, anyone can generate a GUID and go ahead with its usage. As the probability of these codes to be duplicated is nearly close enough to be zero, you don’t have to worry about creating a GUID that won’t be unique.


Generate UUID/GUID manually using Python

You can use a Python library named UUID to generate random 128-bit numbers. The library uses your computer’s network address and system time. You can use uuid4() function of the module to create 5 random and unique UUID values. You can further employ a while loop to keep generating the values the number of times you need.


Generate UUID/GUID manually using JavaScript

There are different ways to get unique IDs using JavaScript. You can either use npm’s uuid module for RFC4122 UUIDs or simply use a Math.Random() function. However, npm module is heavily recommended due to its higher uniqueness.