Case Converter

Convert text into lower case, UPPER CASE, camel Case, Pascal Case, Sentence case, Snake Case, tOgGlE/aLtErNaTiVe CaSe & iNVERSE cASE & Capitalise letters.

Case Converter - Also known as text converter, is an online tool to convert text into different types of letter casing such as lower case,  upper case, or sentence case to improve your work productivity. When we type on the mobile or on the computer system, not all humans can multitask and split focus between typing and remembering when to press "caps lock" on, or when to change to capitalized letters. So to make things simpler, you have this free case converter or text converter tool, where you can just type and not care about the upper case or lower case, because you know you can format your text whenever you want in a simple button click or press.


  1. Lower Case
  2. Upper Case
  3. Sentence Case
  4. Capitalized Case
  5. Camel Case
  6. Pascal Case
  7. Alternate or Toggle Case
  8. Inverse Case
  9. Snake Case

The typeface of small characters is known as lowercase. For example, x, y, z are lower case characters, and X, Y, Z are upper case characters. Not all languages have the concept of lowercase and uppercase letters. Lowercase and uppercase do not exist in numbers.

lower case letters: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

UPPER CASE letters: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 


To convert your text into the lower case from any letter casing, just press/click the "lower case" button.


Upper case letters are those which are generally used to begin sentences and nouns. These are also sometimes called capital letters. You can convert all of the text (characters & alphabets) to uppercase just with a simple "UPPER CASE" button press or click.


Sentence case is typography where every first alphabet of the sentence is in the uppercase or capital case. Normally the text we read in the books or the text you are reading currently is in sentence case.

The Sentence case option capitalizes the first words of sentences and all the proper nouns in a text. This option is really helpful if you’re working on an academic or journalistic piece that needs to follow certain guidelines.

Sentence Case Example: This is an example of a sentence case. We only write the first alphabet of the sentence in uppercase and rest is in lower case.

To convert your text into sentence case, paste or type in the text box above, and press "Sentence Case".

Capitalized case is typography where every first letter of the word is in uppercase or capital letter. This is generally used to write the email subject, article headline, title of any text or document. Something important or heading is written using the capitalized case.

Capitalized Case Example: This Is An Example Of Capitalized Case. Fossbytes Is A Media Company

To convert your text to capitalized letters, press the "Capitalized Case" button.

Camel Case (camelCase) is typography where the first letter of the first word of the sentence is a small letter, and then every first letter of the subsequent words is a capital letter, and the remaining letters of that word are in lower case.

The name camelCase originates from the shape of the camel’s hump. It’s commonly used in naming variables in computer programming. The Associated Press Stylebook mentions capitalizing the first letter of a lowerCamelCase word at the beginning of a sentence but it’s unavoidable in case of words like iPhone, eBook, jQuery, and other proper nouns. 

camelCase Example:  

Before: This is example of camel case sentence.
After:    thisIsExampleOfCamelCaseSentence.

To convert you text to the camel case, paste your text or type it in the textbox, and press the "camelCase" button.

Pascal case is similar to camel case. The only difference is that in Pascal case, the first letter of every word is a capital letter, and the remaining letters are in lower case or small letters. They are also similar to the capitalized case, except there is no space in Pascal case typography.PascalCase is another name for UpperCamelCase. On the other hand, the standard camelCase is also called lowerCamelCase with first letter as lower case.

Pascal Case Example:

Before: This is an example of pascal case sentence.
After: ThisIsExampleOfPascalCaseSentence.

To convert your text to Pascal Case, press the "PascalCase" button.

The alternate case typography is very famous nowadays due to Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, or social media sites. Here the first letter of the text is lowercase, and every consecutive letter is lowercase and uppercase.

Alternate Case Example:

Before: This is an example of an alternate case sentence.
After: ThIs Is An ExAmPlE oF aN aLtErNaTe CaSe SeNtEnCe.

To convert your text to alternate cases, press the "aLtErNaTe CaSe" button.

Inverse case converter changes the letter case of every letter or alphabet. So for example some alphabet/letters in your text are in lowercase, so it converts them to uppercase, and uppercase letters are converted to lowercase.

Inverse Case Example:

Before: This is an Example oF inverSE cAse Sentence.

To inverse the typeface of your text using this inverse case converter, just press the "iNVERSE cASE" button.

The snake case is inspired from snake shape. Snake case converter converts your text where every character/alphabet/letter is in upper case, and space between the words is replaced by an underscore (_). 

Snake Case Example:

Before: This is an example of a snake case sentence.
After: This_Is_An_Example_Of_A_Snake_Case_Sentence.

To use the snake case converter, type in the textbox above or paste your content in it and press the "SNAKE_CASE" button.