Tim Cook: Buy An Android Phone If You Want To Sideload Apps

Apple doesn't want you sideloading apps on iPhones.


Apple CEO Tim Cook yesterday made offensive statements directed at specific iPhone users. Apple’s App Store and iPhones have been under the spotlight quite a few times recently. Moreover, the company’s CEO has a hot take for iPhone users wanting to sideload apps.

Defending the “security and privacy” offered by iPhones, Cook stated that users wanting to sideload apps on their iPhones should consider purchasing an Android device. Speaking at The New York Times “DealBook” summit, Cook made some controversial statements.

Furthermore, he clarified that “people have that choice today,” speaking about sideloading. “If you want to sideload, you can buy an Android phone. If it is that important to you, then you should buy an Android phone,” he mentioned. Tim Cook does not want users to sideload apps on their iPhones.

From our point of view, it would be like if I were an automobile manufacturer telling [a customer] not to put airbags and seat belts in the car.

Apple released a “threat analysis” on sideloading last month, highlighting its point of view. The analysis makes it clear that Apple does not want you to sideload apps on iPhones. Sideloading apps would cripple the privacy and security protections that make the iPhone “secure.”

However, it seems that it’s only the iPhone that Apple is hell-bent on making it a “secure” device. Other operating systems, including macOS, allow sideloading applications from third-party sources. Looking from a broader perspective, Tim Cook’s statement about sideloading seemed self-contradictory to some users.

Only a few days ago, Apple’s software chief, Craig Federighi, said that “sideloading is a criminal’s best friend” at an online summit. Likewise, he fought hard against European laws, which, if passed, would allow iPhone users to sideload apps. It’s evident that the tech giant is prepared for the battlefront.

Siddharth Dudeja

Siddharth Dudeja

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