TikTok’s Own Music Streaming App Is On The Way, Claim Reports

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TikTok rules the short-video format industry and there is no doubt about that. But the social media giant is now planning to make its mark in the music streaming industry as well. A recent report showcases that its parent company ByteDance filed a trademark application with the USPTO.

TikTok will venture into the music streaming industry. The patent boldly says “TikTok Music” which is an indication that the short-format video content brand will soon rival Spotify and others.

Why does TikTok want to launch its Music Streaming App?

ByteDance already has a music streaming service product called Resso. The app is currently active in India, Brazil, and Indonesia where it has slowly amassed a lot of audience in a short while. The number of Resso users is increasing day by day. Despite that, ByteDance wants to launch a separate product for other countries.

The filing describes that TikTok Music will be available for phones and tablets. It will allow users to purchase, play, share, and download music, songs, albums, and lyrics. Moreover, it will support playlist creation, sharing, commenting, and much more.

All these features give a glimpse of what you can expect from the final product. While Spotify offers some of these features, TikTok Music could be more than a music streaming app. The users could finally be able to collaborate to some extent and express their views on tracks and albums available.

TikTok Music
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ByteDance is an expert at integrating one app with another. They could add an option in TikTok to find and listen to the complete track of an audio clip used in a video. So, TikTok users would be seamlessly redirected to another service and save time and effort in guessing and searching for tracks. ByteDance has also filed for the “TikTok music” trademark in Australia.

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