TikTok Live streams Can Soon Be Made Exclusive For 18+ Only

The feature is still in testing phase.

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TikTok is among the most popular social video-sharing platform. The company consistently introduces new features to its platform to ensure efficient functionality.

Reports suggest that it is now testing out new settings that allow users to restrict the live stream to viewers over a particular age (18 years or above). The company also confirmed to TechCrunch that the setting is available for limited users only as a test launch.

The revelation

Product intelligence firm Watchful.ai shared screenshots of the new settings, showing that users with access to the novel option can go to settings and toggle “mature themes” to restrict the live stream to adults.

The app notes that “only viewers 18 and above can see your LIVE” when you turn on the feature. After the user turns on these settings, the platform notifies that TikTok will remove the LIVE videos tagged as 18+ if they violate the application’s community guidelines, which impose policies against nudity, violence, and sexual activity.

Image: Watchful.ai

Thus, it provides that the feature doesn’t intend to promote adult content; instead, it’s a measure that prevents minors from content with an adult audience that isn’t targeted to entertain them.

The company launched the settings only a few months after claiming that it wanted to begin identifying the appropriate content for the younger and older teens against the adults.

TikTok stated that it was in the process of creating a system that can identify and restrict various types of content from being accessed by the underage group as the content creators will be responsible for specifying which content is more suitable for adult audiences.

The feature relies on creators

TikTok’s U.S. head of Issue Policy (who oversees minor safety for the platform), took a meeting with reporters in February. Here’s what she said

We’ve heard directly from our creators that they sometimes have a desire only to reach a specific older audience. So, as an example, maybe they’re creating a comedy with adult humor or offering boring workplace tips that are relevant only to adults. Or maybe they’re talking about very difficult life experiences.

Tracy Elizabeth, TikTok’s U.S. head of Issue Policy

She added, “so given those varieties of topics, we’re testing ways to help better empower creators to reach the intended audience for their specific content.”

Elizabeth claims that TikTok won’t go to measures such as having labels or ‘displayable’ ratings on the videos. Instead, it will rely on the creators to tag their content somehow.

The company also states that the users can select the ‘comfort zones’ – or level of content maturity- they want to see in the application. Parents and guardians can access TikTok’s existing family pairing parental control features to make the right decisions on behalf of their children.



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