TikTok Is Testing In-App Games, And Here’s What We Know

you'll soon be playing games on TikTok!

TikTok Is Testing In-App Games
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Social media giant TikTok is reportedly making its way into the video games market as it begins testing in-app games.

The company focuses on short-form video content and is now making an appeal to mobile gamers. A report from Reuters last week describes how the company plans to bring games to TikTok.

TikTok testing games; says report

TikTok Is Testing In-App Games
Image: Unsplash

ByteDance, which is the developer and owner of TikTok, is already testing in-app games in Vietnam and will soon expand to other countries later this year. According to Reuters, having games available within the TikTok app is intended to enhance ByteDance’s ad revenue by a margin.

However, the move is also intended to boost user engagement with the app. Although the preliminary testing has been available for users in Vietnam for quite some time the news has broken recently

Firstly, ByteDance will deliver in-app games to more Southeast Asian countries extensively. According to sources, it can be done by the third quarter of 2022. Bytedance on a few occasions has previously shown interest in expanding its business with mobile games.

In 2020, the firm launched Pixmain, a games publishing branch. Along with it its own gaming platform, Danjuan Gaming. Last year, ByteDance paid $4 billion for Moonton, the developer of “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,” outbidding the Chinese gaming behemoth Tencent.

TikTok is not the only big-name venturing into video games. Netflix has already introduced a bunch of games that subscribers can browse in-app. However, to install a game users will be redirected to the Play Store on Android and App Store on iOS

If all goes well you’ll be soon playing games on TikTok. Do you think mobile gaming is still untapped? Is this a good move by TikTok? comment below.

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