TikTok Is Down And Users Are Reporting Weird Bugs

Comment section says "Check Internet"

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TikTok experienced outages and went down for many users today. Several users began experiencing connectivity issues on the video-sharing app. Although the outages began at 3:25 am, they are being resolved as of this writing.

According to Downdetector, despite having good internet, many TikTok users experienced a lot of network issues. All of the reports concerned the loss of a server connection. Users complained about being unable to upload videos to Tiktok and having their view count stagnate or increase slowly.

TikTok is not letting users open comments

TikTok Is Down And Users Are Reporting Weird Bugs
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According to Downdetector, the most significant problem users faced was the loss of server connectivity. Many users are also complaining about a decrease in their follower numbers.

A user gave detailed info about his account and his followers, “It’s decreasing day by day by 31-35 on daily basis. Neither there are any views or like on my new videos,” he said. The user earlier had 26.8k followers, which has been brought down to 26.4k.

Although it’s a grave problem for the user, TikTok may or may not have a hand in it. However, the issues of TikTok have become a laughing stock for Twitter users. Users are constantly tweeting about how TikTok has turned off its comments as the app displays an error message of “please check the internet.”

Just a couple of days ago, a hacker also claimed to have gotten inside TikTok and started posting backend source code on Twitter. The company responded by denying the hack. So far, it appears to be a temporary outage that TikTok has fixed.

This has led to a meme party on Twitter for the past few hours. However, the app appears to be in stable condition right now as there have been fewer reports of outages after 7:00 am. Are you able to use TikTok? Comment down below.

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