This YouTuber Fixes Tires Of All Shapes & Sizes With His Unique Tools

He uses a diverse set of tools to fix wheels and replace tires.

the tire doctor
Image: YouTube / The Tire Doctor

Everyone would admit that YouTube is a treasure trove of video content. Once you start watching something, there’s a high chance you’ll enter the rabbit hole of recommended videos. And, as you go down that path, the videos get more and more niche. Among such niche YouTube channels, The Tire Doctor is a popular pick that has managed to attract over 130 million views and 143K subscribers.

In his videos, the Canadian YouTuber educates the viewers about various kinds of tires and how to fix them. This is something that everyone readily knows exists but has little knowledge about. He posts video blogs of how he goes about repairing and replacing damaged tires.

From regular-sized vehicles to big construction vehicles, the YouTuber has fixed a range of different wheels using his amazing equipment. Here’s a video compilation of The Tire Doctor doing what he does best.

The Tire Doctor offers everything from repair tips to hacks

Apart from the repairs, some videos also show less obvious aspects of a tire repairman’s work. To be more precise, he has documented what happens to the tires once they are no longer worth repairing. In that particular video, he showed how a repairman uses sturdy hardware and manual force to dismantle a wheel.

One of his most-watched videos revolves around fixing distorted rims to make them usable again. In the video, he places a spring-powered tool under the dent to force the wheel back into shape. Another popular clip shows the tire expert detecting the point of puncture of a mud-covered wheel using just the sound of the air escaping the deflated tire.

Moreover, much of the channel’s content is focused on the challenges a tire repairman may face every now and then. The videos throw light on both traditional and innovative ways to deal with such scenarios.

By the way, do you have a niche interest you follow on YouTube? Tell us in the comments below. For those interested, there’s another popular YouTuber who has gone viral before for his magic pen that can create any 3D structure.

Priye Rai

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