This World View Balloon Could Take You to The Edge of Space


world-view-balloonShort Bytes: The World View Enterprises, Inc seems to have brought an answer to your wishes. The Arizona-based company is offering you the curvature of the Earth at the backdrop of the blackness of space in a 5 hour joy ride in its proprietary high-altitude balloons. All this at the height of 100,000 feet. Keep calm.

I wish I were an astronaut so I could float in space and see this beautiful blue sphere in the utter darkness, as the people from ISS describe itI used to dream that and if you too, then the wish has come true. You don’t need to be an astronaut or go through a rigorous training to adapt your body for this specific near-space journey.

World View Enterprises, Inc. is a new player in the near space tourism industry and plans to take people in the realm of space by the end of 2016. The company will use its proprietary high-altitude balloons to float private passengers up to 20 miles or 32 kilometers above the Earth.

The Arizona-based company offers the curvature of the Earth at the backdrop of the blackness of space in a 5-hour joy ride. Inside the space-rated capsule, you could enjoy once in a lifetime view with your friends and family. There would be six voyagers (passengers) and two crew members inside the capsule.


Once at the edge of the Earth, you could sail along the frontiers of space and gaze upon the unfathomable picturesque for hours.

The World View’s near space tour looks more exciting than the other orbital and rocket-based options because of the immense time it gives you to stay and enjoy the near-space region while costing you much less than other proposed space programs. The World View offers the cheapest space ride for $75,000.

Check out how your space ride might look:

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Images: World View Enterprises, Inc

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