This Website Uses AI To Turn Your Photos Into 15th Century Portraits


Apart from performing heavy tasks, AI has been a source of entertainment for many; the various AI-based apps are fun to use after all. Joining the league, we have a new website which converts images into a classical artform, giving us the Shakespearean feels.

AI Portraits Ars is the website (developed by researchers at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab) where you can head to create the classic versions of yourself and see what you might have looked like if you were born in the era.

How does the website work?

All you need to do is visit and you can simply create 15th century-inspired AI portraits by selecting the images you want to convert.

The website uses the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) AI models to apply various styles and colors to the image. While the website’s AI adds new filters and styles to a particular image, it makes sure it doesn’t completely change the features of an actual image.

Focus on Privacy

AI Portrait Ars has the utmost focus on privacy and it is trying to gain our confidence by providing a pop-up message before proceeding. The message suggests that while it takes our images to its server, it doesn’t save the images and deletes them once the work is done.

AI Portrait Ars

This seems to give us a sigh of relief after we realized that the fun FaceApp app isn’t that fun in terms of privacy and security of users.

Furthermore, the people behind the website want to explore the biases of 15th-century portrait artists and urge users to experiment with the app. For instance, try uploading an image with a smile and see how the resultant image is.

I tried using the website, however, it was unavailable due to heavy traffic at the time of writing.

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