This Original-looking Fake iPhone 6s From China Costs Just $37


fake-iphone-6s-china-1Short Bytes: A new iPhone 6s copycat is in the town that looks just like the real iPhones. This replica costs humble $37 and comes directly from China. Watch the video below and tell us your views.

China manufactures two kinds of iPhones. The real ones are manufactured in the facilities of Foxconn, which are then delivered to Apple Inc. The second category of iPhones – the fake ones – are manufactured all across China’s industrial areas and then sold in markets all over the world.

If making a fake iPhone doesn’t sound like a big deal, then you need to know about the fake Apple Store to get a good sense of this copycat business thriving in China.

Below is the video of a fake iPhone from China that bears a perfect similarity with the latest iPhone 6s and works pretty well. Take a look:

This imitated product just costs $37, whereas the original iPhone model starts at $649 in the United States. This fake iPhone runs on a weak Spreadtrum SC773 processor and a forked Android OS.

The copycat phone comes with 4GB storage, 512MB RAM and supports dual-SIM card cards.


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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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