This New Robot Could Help You Mourn Better On Your Loved Ones’ Death


Technology has arguably evolved so well, it seems to have a solution for everything and anything. Imbibing the same in the process of mourning, we have a new tech trying to help us go through the whole trauma.

The concept of Digital Shaman Project will help people to pave their way through the mental distress with the help of a humanoid, until 49 days after his or her loved ones die.

The concept is created by Etsuko Ichihara of Japan to mourn his dead grandmother. The model is currently on display in Tokyo.

Users (when he or she is alive) will spend some time with trained artists who will record the various characteristics of the user including their voice messages, head movements, gestures, and their overall personality.

Eventually, when the particular user dies, the relatives of the deceased can install the program with all the data into the robot and it will imitate the loaded gestures and features of the user.

Additionally, the robot is capable of aping the hand and head movements which were used by the user during the meeting.

The concept of Digital Shaman project is expected to be made available to the general public soon.

Here is a look at the new concept:

Do you think technology hoping to deal with death can be helpful? Comment down below with your thoughts!

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Vanshika Malhotra

Vanshika Malhotra

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