This Microsoft Programmer Made a Voice-controlled Smart Mirror in 20 Hours


microsoft-smart-mirrorShort Bytes: Do you want to make your mirrors smart and convert them into a futuristic canvas that searches images, displays maps and controls the gadgets in your home? To make such thing possible, a Microsoft developer has made a Smart Mirror and open sourced the complete details.

Mirrors are pretty helpful, but they looked dumb to a Microsoft developer named Evan Cohen. So, he decided to make his own open source smart mirror over just one weekend in 20 hours.

This project looks downloaded straight from some science fiction movie and it integrates with your appliances to even control your home lights.

Evan Cohen has shared this open source project on GitHub and wrote that he was inspired by two other smart mirror creators Michael Teeuw and Hannah Mitt.

Take a look at the video below and find the complete open source documentation on GitHub.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

Fossbytes co-founder and an aspiring entrepreneur who keeps a close eye on open source, tech giants, and security. Get in touch with him by sending an email — [email protected]
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