This Is Why Tesla Model S Will Fall Apart If Not Upgraded After 8 Years


It’s been eight years now since Tesla Model S entered the market in 2012. And it’s time that Tesla should bring some significant changes to the new generation Model S. Even though there have been Over The Air or OTA updates and upgrades from time to time, we haven’t seen a proper physical upgrade in the Model S for quite some time.

Since Tesla Model S has been available on the market for several years now, it is safe to say that several EV owners have noticed glaring issues with the car. One of these enthusiasts suggested some changes via his YouTube channel ‘Ryan Shaw.’ Though not all suggestions are necessary, some of them are worth noting for Tesla to stay afloat in the challenging market for electric vehicles.

Suggested Changes In Tesla Model S

Would you buy anything after paying double the money for it, when you are getting it in half the money? Almost everyone would answer, “No.” Well, similar is the case with Tesla Model 3 and Model S.

Several things are far better in the Tesla Model 3 than the Model S, including:

  • The 15″ horizontal display user interface in Model 3 is better than the company’s current production flagship sedan. According to the YouTuber, in the Model S, the infotainment screen is not as impressive as in Model 3.
  • The second issue is with the older batteries that the Model S currently uses. Tesla uses the same 18650 battery cells as from years ago, whereas the new Model 3 and the newbie Model Y are both equipped with 2170 new battery cells. But somehow, even with the older cells, Tesla has managed to improve the range of Model S and has the highest range among its sibling cars.
  • One of the most urgent upgrades that the Model S requires is the 250kW fast charging. Currently, the electric sedan does not support the V3 superfast charging, whereas the Model 3, which is more affordable, supports it.
  • Another thing we expect, and Tesla is currently working on, is the Plaid Powertrain. With this new powertrain, the car will be unbeatable, at least in terms of performance. Well, the good news is that a Tesla Model S plaid was recently spotted testing.

Apart from these, a refreshed look for the Model S will be better to see after such a long period. Apart from the downsides the Model S has, it is still better than the Model 3 in terms of performance, range space, and acceleration.

Do you agree with these suggestions? Let us know your favorite feature in the Model S that you’d love to see improved.

Shaheer Anwar

Shaheer Anwar

Shaheer Anwar is an automotive enthusiast and writes about the latest trends happening in the industry. He covers topics related to electric and hybrid vehicles.
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