This Is How The Pixel Watch Will Look Like On Your Wrist

Don't worry Google. The Pixel Watch is "in safe hands."


The Pixel Watch images leaked a couple of days back, and we’ve been closely covering the same. The same user who leaked the Pixel Watch images shared more images of how the watch looks on hand. The images reveal an overall comfortable fit with great aesthetics, which another Reddit user said can make the Apple Watch look dated, which we low-key agree.

Google Pixel Watch “Is in Safe Hands”

Reddit user tagtech414 posted new details about the Pixel watch on the platform. His post garnered immense attention from users who were excited about the upcoming smartwatch from Google.

If you want to know the story, TL;DR, a Google employee “left” the Pixel Watch in a bar, and the OP’s friend found it and gave it to him. While handing him the watch, his friend forgot to give him the straps which came with the watch, which the OP later picked up.

The Pixel Watch has zero visible bezels. Tagtech414 tried the 20 mm strap that his friend found along with the watch and reported it to be very comfortable. The images showcase that the Pixel Watch is less protruding than many high-end products from Garmin and Samsung.

He shared that attaching the strap to the watch was a painstaking endeavor, but he succeeded. Moreover, the watch felt secure on his wrist, and the straps felt strong enough.

Tagtech414 explained the design of the Pixel Watch in the post and said that it was slimmer than it appeared to be. It was comfortable to wear, and the crown didn’t poke him whenever he bent his wrists.

He compared it with his Samsung watch and said that the buttons were more interfering with it. Google Pixel Watch has a single button on the side. Overall, he is pretty content with the watch’s design and comfort.

More Details

Pixel Watch, which Tagtech414’s buddy found in the restaurant, didn’t come with a charger. Trying to boot the device for the first time resulted in the Google logo appearing and the watch switching off. However, we know that the watch will run Google’s latest vanilla Wear OS. The backside of the smartwatch shows some sensors which are probably for health and vitals tracking.

The internal hardware specs aren’t confirmed yet, but it may sport a Samsung Exynos chip instead of Qualcomm. It may also come with the new Google Assistant that Samsung promised would arrive on the Watch4 a few months ago.

The Google I/O is around the corner, and rumors suggest the launch of Pixel 6a and a Pixel Watch tease. The device will probably launch during the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro launch. What do you think about the quirky design of the leaked watch images? Tell us in the comments section below.

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