This is Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock that was Called a Bomb

ahmed-clockShort Bytes: Earlier this week, a 14-year-old from Texas was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to his school. 9th-grader Ahmed Mohamed designed the clock himself and his teachers mistook it for a bomb. Well, the clock, doesn’t look like a bomb at all.

9th-grader Ahmed Mohamed designed his own clock, enclosed it a metallic pencil box and took it to his school- McArthur High School. Most of you would’ve read that Ahmed is being invited by President Barack Obama as well as Mark Zuckerberg, Google, Twitter, Reddit and every other big tech company. The photo of Ahmed’s clock fills me with immense happiness as it shows the creativity of a young and enthusiastic mind.

The box of the clock could look like a small briefcase to some, but it’s a simple child’s pencil box you can find at Amazon. As Makezine points out, the inside consists of a combination of various electronics parts connected together to make it work like a digital alarm clock.

Here you can see a big seven-segment-display, a 9-volt connector for battery backup, a transformer for stepping down the voltage and a control board with buttons to set the timings. All this is connected on a mainboard that connects all the pieces together and the board is finally attached to the seven segment display with the white ribbon cable.

As I mentioned earlier, this clock shows the innovative mind of a 14-year-old boy who was arrested due to some preconceived prejudices of our faulty society. This clock is a symbol that young minds of today are the painters of our brighter tomorrow and Ahmed should be very proud of his work.

We hope that after this unfortunate event, young minds who love to create and make things, are considered more seriously. Way to go Ahmed.

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42 thoughts on “This is Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock that was Called a Bomb”

  1. Disessembling an old RadioShack clock and putting the part in a case is not in any way innovative – he was trying to be provactive (even after the teacher he claims he was trying to impress told his NOT to take it to other closes – it was discovered when it disrupted English class – clearly it was a stunt, like conceived by his activist father

  2. Dissembling an old RadioShack clock and putting the parts into a case In not innovative – it was a stunt most likely planned by his political activist father

  3. I agree 100% with you. Nobody has taken notice that this clock was not made completely by him. He disassembled another clock and used its parts and circuitry, then put it into a lock box. This was definitely motivated by his mother and father. They knew exactly what would happen and knew they could get some publicity and money from it. I bet after this, his father runs for president for a 3rd time in Sudan now he has a boost in popularity and campaign funds.

  4. He is lucky…………… boy being invited by the presiden to India, facebook, twitter and more bcoz so many children have done but not exposed the same, he is vey luck person to expose the by the police

  5. It looks nothing like a clock. It's more of a timer with a beep sound. If someone brought that near me I would have run like hell. His parents obviously put him up to it so they can create an incident and then scream Islamophobia.

  6. I was made myself stealth cloth and cape, "Repair Ozon layer project" on Elementary
    school ! No ones calling me for that! Just my idiot teacher and students just fcking laughing…

    And this child make a clock and obama calling him awesome.

  7. Why do you people have double standards? If jhon commits a crime. Jhon is called a criminal. But if Ahmad commits a crims. Muslims are called criminals. Why double standards????

  8. I don't fuckin' understand why you people can't see someone doing good? You yourselves are a piece of crap as good as as deads who can't do anything invotaive. But only knows to degrade others.

  9. Ahmad – when I was his age I was putting together kids from Radio Shack. What he did was nothing special. If he'd had etched the circuit board and soldered all the parts on there or at least built it from a kit, then hats off to him. Chopping up a clock from a dollar store and putting it in a pencil case is no great feat.

  10. UHHH—- looks like a possible bomb to me! Ok, hats off to the teacher! Let's hope this wasn't a trial run to desensitize us in the future or make a teacher fearful to report anything suspicious in the future. Solution:
    Have all schools make written rules about what can and cannot be brought to school and run it by the principal first. I'd rather my child's teacher be erroring on the side of caution. I do not think this kid should have been arrested or handcuffed and the whole thing was handled wrong. However the teacher did the RIGHT thing.

  11. Ahmad The point is that this thing is werid and looks like a bomb to any untrained eye. TEacher did the RIGHT thing. AFter that, it was mishandled. The police should have known this was not a bomb and this child should never have gone to a jail. But the teacher did the right thing.

  12. Ahmad – When I was 11-13 I built may Heathkits for FM, shortwave and ham radios. Also buil a couple linear amplifiers. Aslo built on electonic breadoards several other things found in magazinesbefore etching the curcuit boards. Taking out the guts of something is what I was doing at age 6-8.

  13. Wrong, it was a working clock and he took out the guts. I was doing that at age 6. Fix some things too. By 13 I had built several FM, shortwave and ham radios. Also linear amplifiers and antennas. So in perspective he's at where I was at age 6.

  14. Steve Durnan Even if it was not innovative. He was not supposed to face such circimstamnces. When you tried anything like this when you are of his age or less. You were not charged of making bomb. That's what I'm talking about. He had not built the clock to become famous or so. He made it to show into his class or to his teacher idk what. But the point was not to become famous of building this clock.

  15. Ahmad just google a bomb , and then look at what he made. i am not saying what he made was to prank people around him , but really it is way less logical to make such a thing out of a very well working clock

  16. oh yeah, as long as you are fear mongering, lets see if you can provide ANYTHING to back up your claim to fear. please, follow your claim up with something, anything, that has validity.

  17. ok, your whole point is hinged on one comment. " looks like a possible bomb to me!"
    explain it. why does it look like a bomb, and what are your credentials in making this assumption?

  18. Joel Jij

    we have a simple problem here to decide, either the staff believed it was a bomb, or they didnt. if they did, they needed to react as such, if they didnt, then why did they treat this child as a criminal?

    if you suspect there is a bomb on school premises, and you know where this bomb is located, what should you dp?

    1. call the police
    2. evacuate the school,
    3 allow the proper authorites inspect the 'bomb'
    4. separate the bomb from the suspect (as well as any potential phones or detonation devices from the suspect) in case he tries to detonate it.

    what did the school do?
    1. placed the 'bomb' and the child in a room together.
    2. did not evacuate the school
    3. called the police, but didnt make it a possible bomb threat, so the ppolice didnt respond as such.
    4, took pictures of the child as he was beingplaced in thw police car, and took picjutes of the 'bomb' as the police secured it, in the police car.

    this is why staff at that school should be fired.

    1. they didnt believe the child had a bomb and wanted to shame him anyways
    2. they completely failed in any protective measures for other students or staff if this was a true potential bomb.

  19. Burak U. Karakaya but you didnt get intentionally shamed by your school for doing something you clearly were not doing. in this case, making a bomb.
    he is getting notoriety right now because his school F-ed up and intentionally tried to shame him in front of everyone for something they knew wasnt a bomb.


    they completely failed in any protective measures for other students or staff if this was a true potential bomb since they did not evacuate the school, and left the child and bomb in an office together, or call the bomb squad and inform them of a potential isue.

    truth is, they never believed it was a bomb to begin with, and this child is receiving priase because his school tormented and scarred him for hours portryaing him as a terrorist or bomb maker in front of the whole school.

    if your child was intentionally, or even unintentionally, shamed like this, i would suspect you would react very strongly to this, and Americans did, because we love all of our children.

  20. like the white 7 year old boy that was suspended for eating a pop tart into the shape of a gun at lunchtime. When is the President going to invite HIM to the white house? Because.. you know… a pop tart REALLY could be a gun and a clock could NEVER be a bomb.

  21. I am an electrical engineer and can with 100% certainty assure you that this is not a homemade clock. You do not create that type of ciruit board the night before in your bedroom, it contains IC chips that require special programmers and chips far too small to be soldered in place with the $20 radio shack soldering iron he is pictured with. It is simply a commercial alarm clock with it's parts spread out into a new container. If you dont think it looks like a bomb I would challenge you to get through any airport security check in America ( or anywhere else in the world) with that device, Good Luck!

  22. If your stupid enough to think this is the basics of an IED, then you are racially biased to his religion and race. Ask any vet who has experienced bombs.

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