This Human Torch Drone Brings Fantastic Four’s Human Torch To Life


human-torch-droneShort Bytes: The viral video agency Thinkmodo came up with a real-life Human Torch drone stunt of the reel-life hero The Human Torch from Fantastic Four.

These are not special effects, but a real Human Torch drone on fire. For all the fans of the Human Torch, this promotional Human Torch drone video is a treat.

Fantastic Four is releasing this week, and the Viral Video Agency Thinkmodo has come up with a crazy yet brilliant drone stunt of the reel life hero The Human Torch to stir up the audience. The video was shot in the safe space in New York of the Nassau Country’s Fire Service Academy, with 10 firefighters along with their full gear in case a contingency required.

Thinkmodo has previously performed “Flying People in New York City” stunts with human drones. To notch up the stunt, this time the team added fire and took the stunt altogether to another level with this Human Torch Drone.

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Michael Krivicka, Thinkmodo co-founder told Adweek :

It took a lot of testing because we had to find the right material to do it with. A special pyro technician had to figure out how to coat the aircraft so it burns in a way that the human shape reads well (instead of it looking like a big flaming ball). 

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