This Guy Made A Homemade Laser Lightsaber And It’s Dangerous Enough


lightsaberShort Bytes: Surpassing the feat achieved by an engineer building a real-life lightsaber to kill Stormtroopers, a guy has made a household laser lightsaber which is sufficient and dangerous enough to burn down most of the flammable household things including paper, plastic cups, electric wires and much more.

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As written on the Styropyro, the YouTube channel on which the homemade video was posted,

“I’ve seen a few videos circulating the internet regarding homemade lightsabers, where one of the coolest designs I saw utilized a mini flamethrower. I figured I better show a video of my homebuilt version of the lightsaber…where my design uses a MASSIVE 7W blue laser :D”

There are two main limiting factors on making a homemade laser lightsaber. These are beam confinement and high energy density storage. The Li-Ion batteries have been used to power the powerful handheld lasers. Li-Ion batteries are the perfect solution to energy density storage. In terms of beam confinement, anti-reflective coated glass lens have been used to focus the beam.

It has been further explained on Styropyro YouTube channel as follows:

My device uses a Nichia GaN laser diode, which was overdriven to 7W of output by running it at 4.6A with a couple high-efficiency buck drivers in parallel. An anti-reflective coated glass lens focuses the beam, and the whole device is powered by two unprotected 18650 batteries in series. Upcoming videos are gonna be awesome…so watch out! Look for a ~150W laser bazooka, and potentially, a pulsed laser power by explosives!!!

Looks like this guy is highly inspired by the Star Wars movies. Finally, he has managed to come up with a laser lightsaber which can destroy almost all the flammable household things. But, the precaution has to be ensured before trying to make one of its kinds.

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