This Genius 3-Year-Old Baby Girl Knows The Entire Periodic Table Of Elements


Short Bytes: While you might have faced a hard time remembering the periodic table elements in high school, this genius 3-year-old girl named Brielle has wowed the world with her amazing memory and periodic table knowledge. Watch it yourself to see if you can keep up with her.

What do remember from your Chemistry classes in school days? Confusing symbols of elements, nightmarish periodic table, complex chemical reactions and whatnot!

Well, take a moment to watch the video we’ve shared below. This 3-year-old baby girl named Brielle has taken the internet by storm after she appeared on TV with Ellen Degeneres Show and astounded Ellen with her knowledge of the periodic table of elements.

As Ellen began showing the cards with the symbols of elements, Brielle told the names of all elements along with a summary of what they all meant.

In her sweet voice, she said, “K is potassium and it’s found in bananas.” Describing Iodine, she said it’s an element that kills bacteria.

Answering the question about how she’s able to do this, Brielle said, “My new brain just remembers!” At the end of the show, Ellen got her very own study desk as a gift.

Six months ago, Brielle’s mom uploaded a video on Facebook and it became viral. In the video, her mom shows her flash cards with abbreviations and she was able to identify all the 118 elements with ease.

Watch the video below and share your knowledge of the periodic table in the comments section below. Good luck :D

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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