This E-Paint Can Replace Wires, Circuits & Sensors

Sketch out the working circuits on your wall.


Electronics have become a major part of our life, and we can hardly imagine living without them. This conductive paint can integrate electronics into our homes in a completely different way. It can be used to create circuits, EMI shielding, switches, DIY gaming controllers, interactive wallpapers, and more. 

Electric conductive paints have been used in electronic industries before for minor purposes. However, its full commercial use has only been recently implemented. Bare Conductive, a UK-based company, offers electric paint at an affordable cost.

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How does this conductive paint work?

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The paint contains fine carbon to make itself electrically conductive. It can work on a variety of surfaces, including paper, plastic, wood, cardboard, or glass. This electric paint can be used with a circuit board connected to a switch or a computer.

“Inside of this liquid, there are lots of small particles of carbon. When the liquid dries, those particles get closer together. When the liquid dries, those particles get closer together over which the electricity can flow.”

Bare Conductive CEO and cofounder Matt Johnson 

This electric paint can make any surface come to life and thus can be used for exciting DIY applications. The company even offers many DIY products like electric paint lamps, interactive walls, and some basic starter kits. Similar products have also been made in past, such as E-Ink, which can change the color of a car.

It is a non-toxic, water-based, water-soluble, electrically conductive paint which is another advantage over toxic paints. The electric paint can also be used as a painted resistor element, a capacitive electrode, or can function as a conductor.

However, it can only work in circuits using low DC voltages at low currents. It is black in color but can be over-painted with any material compatible with water-based paint. The electronic paint works as a touch sensor that can be activated just by approaching it with your hands.

The company also sells other products that work with electronic paint, such as the touch board. The Touch board has 12 capacitive electrodes that respond to touch when connected with pads of conductive paint. It also has onboard MP3 playback and a MIDI synthesizer that can play music or simulate an instrument by touching the electrodes.

Let us know what you would like to create using this electric paint in the comment section below.

Nalin Rawat

Nalin Rawat

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