This Device Prints Polaroid Photos Using Your Phone’s Screen


The concept of bringing polaroid-esque photo printers into a world where smartphones seem enough to capture images always intrigued me.

You connect the little printers to your smartphone, and a mini photo is created, giving you all the old days’ feels. Polaroid Lab is trying to follow the same concept, but with a twist.

Polaroid Lab uses your smartphone’s light!

Polaroid Lab (by Polaroid Originals) is a tower-like device that creates polaroid photos using the light of your smartphone’s display. 

The device makes use of light and mirrors to print the photos almost instantly. The working is pretty simple; the light bounces off the mirrors, and the physical images are formed.

How does Polaroid Lab work?

You have to open the image on Polaroid’s Companion app, place your smartphone on the top of the Polaroid Lab, and press the red button on it. Simple.

A few seconds later, the digital photo comes out. It takes a few minutes to develop, and you get your retro-style printed picture. Additionally, it uses i-Type series and 600 films to do the job.

Here’s a video to see the working of Polaroid Lab:

What devices support Polaroid Lab?

Polaroid Lab is compatible with Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, and Google Pixel devices. Apart from the Android devices, the device works with the iPhone 6S and above.

It will be available for purchase, starting this October for $129.

Will Polaroid Lab be any good?

While Polaroid Lab gives us nostalgia clubbed with a new concept, one drawback with such photo printers, in general, is the production of not-so-clear photos. I reviewed the HP Sprocket, and the quality of the images bothered me.

Nonetheless, the device proves refreshing for those who still love the concept of polaroids and is a fun way of getting physical photos.

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Vanshika Malhotra

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