This Button Could Help You Get Laid If You Are Too Shy


Technology, over the years, has seen several developments and so in 2019, we can safely call ourselves technologically-advanced. The concept is also applicable to the basic needs we humans have, even sex.

A couple (Ryan and Jenn Cmich) has created a button, known as the LoveSync button, which can help you tell your partner about your wish to get laid when you are too shy to ask for it directly.

The LoveSync button (which can be plugged into a USB power port) comes in a pack of two for a couple, and anyone out of the two feeling aroused can click it to express their desire.

If both partners tap the button, thus approving the idea, the buttons will emit green light after 15 minutes (can be increased to 24 hours with additional clicks), all thanks to the yet-to-be-patented LoveSync tech which gets to know that both are amorously interested.

lovesync buttonHowever, if one of the partners changes his or her mind, you can long-tap the button for 4 seconds to cancel the plans.

It is suggested that the new LoveSync button is designed for sparking romance, an increase in sexual frequency, improvement in romantic communication, and more.

lovesync button

With a price tag of $57, the LoveSync button is currently part of a Kickstarter campaign and is expected to get features such as a capacitive touch sensor, light ring, CNC Machine Steel Housing, and more.

While the button seems like an exciting element in sex adventures, the idea of spending loads of bucks to have sex appears somewhat useless. I mean, why not throw a chit at each other instead!

Do you require a button to make love to your partner? Comment below.

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