This App Shows You The World of Wireless Signals


Architcture-of-Radio-iPad-appShort Bytes: Ever wondered what the invisible world of wireless signals looks like? We are engulfed in the electromagnetic signal network which you can now see via the upcoming Architecture of Radio iPad app.

The Earth is full of life- inhabited by the humans, flora and fauna, microbial organisms and completed with the major elements like air and water that form the Earth. However, there is something else that exists, but we can neither see it or feel.

This is the world of invisible gigantic mesh of wireless signals that surrounds you, transmitting data from one point on the Earth to another. This part of the environment is called infosphere. The infosphere is an interdependent environment, inhabited by the information and data. Thanks to the Dutch artist Richard Vijgen, you can now visualize all the electromagnetic signals (radio waves to be precise) through an iPad app.

The Architecture of Radio is a site-specific iPad app that allows you to visualize the network of the wireless signals by reversing the ambient nature of infosphere. It means the app inverts the visuals of the surrounding which will let you see the invisible world of the technology and the data transmitting signals that interact with your device.

Check out the demonstration of the Architecture of Radio application. This is not an artist’s rendition, but the real radio waves.

The amazing app aims to provide a comprehensive window into the infosphere. The Architecture of Radio will be exhibited at ZKM Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany starting from September this year to April 2016. The public release of the iPad app is expected later this year.

Did you like this wireless signal visualization app from the Architecture of Radio? Tell us in the comments below.

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