This $1 Million Bike Has A 300Hp Rolls-Royce Plane Engine

Talk about an overkill.


The TMC Dumont is a fine piece of art with some crazy horsepower behind it. One of the main takeaways of this bike is that it has a 300hp Rolls-Royce aircraft engine. While a concept like this has been done, the TMC Dumont features “the largest wheels ever made for a motorcycle,” according to its creator.

We have seen some crazy bike concepts over the years, but this one differs from the rest. The man behind the bike is a Brazilian ex-Formula One driver Tarso Marques. After his retirement, Marques started building custom motorcycles under the moniker TMC. TMC Dumont is by far one of his most iconic creations.

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TMC Dumont

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The TMC Dumont features an aircraft engine lifted from a 60s-era aircraft. The six-cylinder Rolls-Royce engine is mated to a CVT that has been designed especially for this motorcycle. So the rider doesn’t need to use the clutch or change gears on this bike.

The bike also has gigantic 36-inch hubless wheels in the front and back. These massive wheels and the minimalistic design give the bike a unique look. However, the wheels limit the driver’s front view, and the rider also has to sit quite close to the rear wheel.

It also has an extremely low ground clearance which, along with the ain’t wheels, makes it really hard to turn this vehicle. However, the vehicle is still quite a sight to behold. The TMC Dumont was showcased during the 77th Daytona Bike Week and won the award for Best of Show.

According to the Marques, the TMC Dumont is a tribute to Alberto Santos-Dumont, who is a national hero in Brazil and a pioneer in aviation. The bike was later sold to a buyer in Dubai for a whopping $1 million. Let us know what you think about this custom bike in the comment section below.

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