Here Are 5 Things Missing In OnePlus Nord


OnePlus has finally announced its much anticipated OnePlus Nord smartphone through the AR event. The smartphone features a 6.4-inch AMOLED display, Snapdragon 765G 5G processor, a quad-camera setup, dual selfie camera, and 30W fast charging support.

The base variant of OnePlus Nord with 6GB RAM and 64GB onboard storage is priced at Rs 24,999 in India, which is a reasonable price, and the smartphone has the potential to mark a dent in the budget smartphone segment.

However, OnePlus’ return to the budget smartphone niche comes with few tradeoffs. Despite offering value for money features, here are some areas where OnePlus Nord falls short:

OnePlus Nord Shortcomings

1. Plastic Frame

The look and feel of smartphones is the utmost priority for many nowadays. While OnePlus has designed the phone as a sleek, easy-to-hold device, it has compromised the build quality by offering a plastic body. Do note that OnePlus Nord has a glass back, and the slider buttons are also made of metal, but the frame of the phone is still plastic, which doesn’t exude the premium feel. In comparison, OnePlus 7, released in June 2019, comes with an aluminum frame.

2. 4K 30FPS On Rear camera

One of the weirdest shortcomings of OnePlus Nord is that it cannot capture 4K 60FPS videos from its rear camera. The company has capped the supported resolution to 4K 30FPS. On the bright side, the smartphone’s dual selfie camera supports 4K 60FPS video recording. If you’re planning to buy OnePlus Nord for video recording purposes, it could be a deal-breaker.

3. Lack of UFS 3.1 (Realme offers UFS 3.1 at 25k)

OnePlus Nord comes with UFS 2.1 storage, which is not the latest standard Universal Flash Storage (UFS) used these days. OnePlus introduced UFS 3.0 storage in its OnePlus 7 series. While there is not much price difference between OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 7, the former is comparatively slow owing to UFS 2.1 storage. If we compare smartphones in a similar budget segment, Realme offers UFS 3.1 storage in Realme X2 Pro.

4. No telephoto lens

Let’s be honest, OnePlus has always failed miserably in the camera department, and the same is true with OnePlus Nord if we’re speaking solely based on the specs sheet. While OnePlus says its camera features go beyond megapixels, I feel it is a cover-up to offer low resolution in the macro lens and depth sensor. Personally, I would have preferred a telephoto lens with a 2x zoom instead of a macro lens.

5. Mono Speaker

Among other disappointing specifications, OnePlus Nord has a mono speaker, a trade-off given the smartphone’s affordable price. However, dual stereo speakers could have been a better choice. It’s not a deal-breaking feature but something you might miss while listening to music or watching movies without an audio accessory.

While OnePlus Nord does sound exciting on the spec sheet, there are a few trade-offs that you might see. That being said, the specs sheet doesn’t tell the complete story, and we’ll have to review the smartphone before jumping on to any conclusion.

Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol is a tech journalist who handles reportage of cybersecurity and Apple and OnePlus devices at Fossbytes. He's an ambivert who is striving hard to appease existential crisis by eating, writing, and scrolling through memes.
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